Wow, this is confusing, how do I sort it out?

In our book, Sew, Craft, Quilt and Embroider Confidently with Sulky Stabilizers, we have a chart called, "Beginner's Guide to Machine Techniques for which Sulky Stabilizers are used". This will simplify the confusing world of stabilizers for you. In this chart we list techniques, (such as Battenburg Lace, Buttonholes, Cutwork, Decorative Stitching, Applique, Liquid Stabilizing, Monogramming, 3-D work, Trapunto and many, many more) and the suggested stabilizer for each technique.

There are no hard and fast rules in the stabilization process anymore. We have so many choices, and our consumers keep finding more and more ways to do it "right". This book also tells you all about all nine stabilizers, as well as KK 2000 and Puffy Foam. It has charts and graphs to help you choose the right needle, fabric, stabilizer and thread for each job. Many of these hints were contributed by embroidery professionals around the world. If you are a beginner in machine embroidery, I cannot recommend it highly enough. In addition, it's not just a dry informational book.