I still have some Sulky 30 Wt. Rayon in my Stash, Where would I want to use it?

Anytime you want a heavier, denser fill-in, and a more visible thread, Sulky 30 wt. rayon thread should be your thread of choice. It is 1/3 thicker than 40 wt. thread, and 2/3 thicker than 50 wt. for greater visibility, depth, and unique color interest. It is more forgiving for applique and decorative stitches. Sulky30 Wt. Rayon is great for quitting. It is the favorite of quilters around the world because of its strength and the sheen of its natural fiber.

Sulky 30 wt. rayon is frequently used as the background fill in embroidery designs when the digitizing is lightly done and a light colored design is being placed on a dark fabric or vice versa. The lighter Sulky 40 wt. rayon is preferred for all of the detail work.