Why would I want to try the entire Sulky Line?

Cost. Thread is one of the smallest investments we make relative to the time, effort and money that is spent to buy the fabric and notions needed to piece the quilt. I prefer to spend slightly more to get the quality I can count on with Sulky Threads. Sulky also gives you the option to buy smaller spool put-ups, so, for the same $$ investment, you can try a wide variety of Sulky fibers and colors for the same cost of several large cones. If you want more, virtually all of the Sulky Thread line is now available on Jumbo cones. 

Another VERY important fact: The color you got from Sulky last year, and the color you get today is the same. No more mismatched dye lots if you run out. Sulky's computerized color matching minimizes dye lot variances. This means you can begin with the old stock while you order more with confidence.

Check out all of the great Sulky Thread lines!