Why would I use Sulky Tear-Easy or Stiffy Stabilizer instead of another kind of stabilizer?

Although thicker stabilizers may cost a little more, they can be more economical if you only need to use one piece versus several pieces of a thinner one. Ultra stiffness in a tear-away may provide the support you need, but if it pulls out stitches when torn away, it could ruin the project. That's when layering the softer, easier-to-tear Tear-Easy can be the right choice because you can easily tear away one layer at a time. When doing computerized embroidery, crisp, mid-weight Sulky Stiffy is well-suited to low stitch count patterns with fine detail. Clarity of column (satin) stitches is enhanced with Stiffy, and it is often used as a bottom backing under the hoop combined with Cut-Away Soft 'n Sheer in the hoop.