Why is Sulky Polyester Invisible Thread better than nylon invisible thread?

Sulky Premium Polyester Invisible Thread (the only polyester invisible thread on the market today) is perfect for machine "hand-look" quilting, stitching in the ditch, and invisible applique. It is also ideal for hems. It is a very fine .004 monofilament that is soft enough for baby quilts or garments that will be worn next to the skin. It is wonderful to use as a lightweight bobbin thread for decorative stitches and embroidery. Compatible with both Sulky Metallics and Rayons.

It is available in both smoke for darker fabrics and clear for lighter fabrics. There are no rough edges on the spool to tangle, snarl or break the thread. The spool turns easily on a vertical spool pin without thread spilling off; and the thread flows easily off horizontal spool pins as well. With our snap spool, the ends tuck away neatly when you are through sewing. Because it is 100% polyester, it does not melt with normal ironing through the cotton setting.