Why isn't the Sulky White Iron-On Transfer Pen available any longer?

Ever since we introduced the eight colors for light colored fabrics, we have been working to find a formulation that will work as easily on dark fabrics, as well as produce a fine line, such as you seek. Since there is no white dye available anywhere in the world to add to our sublimation inks we have had to use other materials to make a white transfer pen.

We realize that it is more difficult with our current white pen to find the right combination of pressure in the barrel applied by pumping the rubber ball end once or twice, holding the pen completely vertical or perpendicular to the paper, and pressing down lightly on the ball tip as you move the pen smoothly and continuously.

We hope that in the future a white dye will be discovered that makes it possible to have white ink in our very easy-to-use original barrel. But until that time comes, I hope you can find some satisfaction with the current white pen.