When would I use a Tear-Easy or Stiffy Stabilizer?

With few exceptions, even the most stunning design embellishment won't work properly unless it is stitched over the right stabilizer backing that provides the stability needed to keep every stitch in place. Tear-aways are used under fabrics to prevent tunneling, distorting of stitches and puckering in techniques where removing the stabilizer by tearing will neither disturb the hand of the stitching, nor pull, distort or loosen the stitches on the edge of the design.

Tear-Easy is a soft, lightweight temporary stabilizer that provides great stability as a backing, combined with effortless removal, and can be used in as many layers as necessary. It is used as a topping in quilting and as a foundation in paper-piecing.

Stiffy is a crisp, firm, medium weight temporary stabilizer that is used when a heavier tear-away is preferred.