What Sulky threads can I quilt with?

You can use any of the Sulky threads for quilting. For "stitching in the ditch" and "invisible applique" quilts, quilters prefer Sulky Polyester Invisible thread over every other invisible thread because it is made of polyester instead of nylon which gives it a more flexible, soft touch, and makes it more tolerant to the heat of an iron.

Sulky Cotton Blendables in both heavy 12 wt. and 30 wt. are subtle, multi-color cotton threads that change color every couple of inches. Ideal for quilting batiks, mottled solids, florals or any multi-colored or shaded fabric. One "Blendable" will work with many different colored and textured fabrics. The blending effects that you can create with these 100% Cotton Threads are like nothing you have ever seen before! They are fast becoming the favorite for both hand and machine quilters. The rest of the Sulky Decorative thread line should be used wherever and whenever you want your quilting and applique stitching to be beautifully visible with unique color interest. Hand and Machine Quilters love the extraordinarily smooth finish on the Sulky Rayon, Polyester and Metallic threads which allows them to glide easily through "quilt sandwiches". Virtually all of the Sulky threads are now available on Jumbo Cones.

The brilliance of Sulky "Sliver" Metallic is wonderful for adding pizazz to any quilting project. For instance, many quilters who love making "watercolor" quilts find the Sulky Sliver Opalescent #8040 ideal since it beautifully reflects the color of whatever fabric it crosses.