What is the difference between Sulky Original Metallic and Sulky Sliver Metallic?

Sulky Original Metallic is a round, twisted thread that is created by twisting and bonding a fine metallic foil around a strong core to create an exceptionally smooth, strong and pliable thread that is a joy to work with. Add an elegant sparkle to your creativity with the 36 available colors, 21 solids, 9 multi-colors and 6 prism.

Sulky Sliver Metallic is a thin, flat, ribbon-like polyester film that is metalized with aluminum to make it brilliantly reflective. Add ultimate sparkle to decorative projects with the 24 available colors, 22 solids and 2 multi-colors. Because Sulky Sliver is flat, it reflects more light than Sulky Original Metallic.

All Sulky Metallics work well for both hand and machine applications and they are both machine washable and dry cleanable.

For best results: 

  • Always use a size 14/90 embroidery, top stitch or metallic needle. 
  • Set top tension on a lower setting. 
  • Sew slower. 
  • The bobbin thread should be the thinnest possible. 
  • Hoop fabric tautly. 
  • Stabilize properly - since metallics hate abrasion, avoid stiff, coarse stabilizers. 
  • Avoid short, tiny stitches because all metallics simply don't bend well into small stitches. 
  • Use Sliver on a vertical spool pin which allows the spool to turn while stitching.