What is Sulky Heat-Away?

Heat-Away is a heat disintegrating temporary stabilizer. Once your project is stitched, simply adjust your iron or ironing press to the temperature for linen (no steam, approximately 430 degrees F). Protect your ironing surface from the ash with a Teflon press cloth or brown bag. Protect delicate fabrics and uncoated irons with a press cloth between the Heat-Away and the iron. Iron (press) on the garment for 10-15 seconds, moving the iron slightly to compensate for steam holes, until the Heat-Away turns brown. Gently brush away the ash with a soft bristle brush (like an old soft toothbrush). If making Needlelace, place in a zip-lock bag to catch the ash and gently massage to remove the Heat-Away from the stitching. NEVER, NEVER EXPOSE TO LIQUIDS until all of the Heat-Away has been disintegrated. Any liquid will loosen the chemical that causes Heat-Away to disintegrate, allowing it to travel into your thread or fabric, making it disintegrate as well when a hot iron is applied.