What happens when KK 2000 is sandwiched in between two layers of Solvy or Super Solvy? This is a very popular technique for making scarves with yarns and ribbons.

Because KK 2000 is not water soluble, it is a good idea to help it dissipate before wetting. With the KK trapped in between the water soluble sheets, air doesn't get to it easily, which is what makes KK 2000 disappear. So, I would suggest that you press your finished "sandwich" with a warm, dry iron to help the KK disappear quickly before you immerse it in water to dissolve the Solvy. Otherwise you may end up with some sticky residue (which should come out with denatured alcohol or rubbing alcohol - color test first). Note: If your iron does not have a Teflon-type surface, be sure to use a press cloth.