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Vanessa Vargas Wilson

Vanessa Vargas Wilson (a.k.a. Crafty Gemini) lives on a five-acre homestead near Gainesville, Florida with her husband and two kiddos. Raised in Miami, FL, via NYC, her ancesteral roots are in the Domincan Republic. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology and a Juris Doctor degree but she finds her center in teaching everything from sewing to soapmaking. We recently asked this ball of energy to answer some questions about her life and career. Here's what she had to say!

  1. Where were you born?
    Queens, NY
  3. How did you grow up (i.e. in a city, on a farm, raised by wolves)?
    I grew up in Miami, FL with my mom and 3 sisters.
  5. When did you first know you wanted to be an artist/designer?
    I never planned to be a designer so it's hard to pinpoint a time frame. I just did what I enjoyed and it came about organically. I've always made things with my hands but I never really considered myself an artist. I still don't. I'm more of a maker. I design my projects only because I want to make them in real life.
  7. How did you get started in the Sewing Industry?
    In my 2nd year of law school I was in desperate need of a creative outlet and had my mother teach me how to sew.  Very quickly after I started I was teaching classes locally and then moved on to posting my instructional video tutorials on my YouTube channel.
  9. Do you have any professional training or are you self taught?
    I'm mostly self-taught. I've taken a handful of classes over the years but I really enjoy a challenge so I find that I prefer to experiment, make mistakes and problem solve to get me where I want to be.
  11. What inspires you?
    My family is from the Dominican Republic and having spent most of my childhood summers at my grandparents' house I am very much inspired by bright and bold colors! Spending my summers swimming in rivers and waterfalls and cooking over open fires with friends and family also inspires my lifestyle today. Today, my husband and I live on an organic homestead with our two young children where we garden and raise our food. So, now my daily lifestyle also influences and inspires my work.
  13. I know Sewing isn’t your only hobby, what other things do you like to do to express yourself creatively?
    Ha! I'm quite scatterbrained and I love to bounce around hobbies and learn as much as I can about as much as I can so I do a lot of other things. Some of them include- soapmaking, cooking/baking, food preservation, organic gardening, crochet, woodworking, etc.
  15. How/Why did you come up with the concept for Crafty Gemini?
    Crafty Gemini is a lifestyle brand. It has evolved over the years. It started off as a business where I taught sewing & quilting classes and sold my finished goods online. Now it's a business with many different branches- online instruction, branded products, lifestyle tips & tricks, etc. I came up with the actual name on a whim one day while in the shower. I knew I wanted to keep the brand name catchy but broad because I have so many interests! I'm a Gemini so, it just fit Crafty Gemini. Quite simple but still representative of who I am.
  17. What is your mission statement?
    The Crafty Gemini tag line is: I teach. You learn. You make.  My mission is to inspire and teach people of all ages to create!
  19. What is your vision for the future?
    My vision for the future is to continue to grow my business and branch out into different areas of the industry while keeping my values at the forefront of what I do.  I prefer to grow my business around my family and lifestyle rather than the other way around. My goal is to continue to provide for my family doing what I love. 
  21. What’s your next big project?
    My next big project is designing my first fabric collection.

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