The KK 2000 can is so small and convenient, but is it economical?

KK 2000 uses a totally different non-flammable propellant that is heavier-than-air. The lighter-than-air, highly-flammable, petroleum based competitive products require a much larger can to contain the propellant. Adhesives with lighter-than-air propellants come out with such a forceful burst that you must hold the can 10 to 15 inches from your target. This causes the glue particles to float up and out all over your room making it easier to inhale these potentially dangerous propellants (read the warning labels). The force of Sulky KK 2000's non-flammable, heavier-than-air propellant is considerably less so when you hold the can 6 to 10 inches away from the target and spray in light, spritzing bursts it falls away from your face and is very directional so very little is lost to overspray, and there's little or no mess to clean up when you're done. Now you can see why it goes about as far as the cans that are 2 to 3 times bigger and less safe.