Testimonials - Magic Thread Art

  •  I have been teaching sewing to beginners for years. This course let me explore some new techniques to add my repertoire and pushed me out of my comfort zone with free motion - beyond stippling. I really enjoyed it. -- Christine

  • I just wanted to thank all the tutors and Sulky staff who helped put this course together. Living in Australia, it was just a dream to do something like this. With the magic of technology and a lot of hard work, you have made this possible. I have learnt so much doing the different assignments, and certainly stretched myself. Thank you once again. -- Fiona

  • Thank you to all of the Sulky staff! Even though I had to choose only 7 projects to complete because time constraints restricted me from completing all projects, I learned SO much! I learned that my machine could do so much more than what I bought it for. I learned that there is SO much more to experience about the thread choices I make (I love you Sulky!). I learned that I can and will sew outside of my comfort zone! For example, I have never done any free motion quilting before and had a doll quilt for my granddaughter just waiting for me to quilt. Well, my new-found experiences have led me to finessing that doll quilt! Thank you Sulky teachers for leading me on my knowledge adventure! — Sharon

  • I can't believe I am done! This is both happy and a sad moment! Please, create more courses like this one. I enjoyed every moment of this course! Thank you, Patti!!! Your words of support and inspiration worked the magic!!! :) Hugs from Kuwait!!! -- Kristina

  • Happy New Year to all the wonderful people I met during this class! I’m truly inspired and humbled by the work I’ve seen during the past few months and appreciated the comments I received on mine. A big thank you to the instructors for their encouragement and constructive feedback, and to Sulky for providing this online venue to expand our skills. I can hardly wait to see what they offer next! - Myrt