I used KK 2000 with Solvy and fleece and it got gooey when I washed it. Why?

Nancy Cornwell who wrote Adventures with Polar Fleece and More Polar Fleece Adventures advises me that to avoid any conflict between the water soluble Solvy (or Super Solvy) and the KK 2000, which is not water soluble, you need to lightly spray the stabilizer NOT the fleece. That way when you remove the stabilizer, the majority of the KK 2000 goes with the stabilizer leaving only a trace amount which disappears over time.

Hint: Cut away as much of the Solvy or Super Solvy as you can and allow the air to help the KK 2000 absorb into the fibers before you launder. Nancy says, the more air circulation the better. 

If you still end up with a gooey residue, Nancy suggests using rubbing alcohol to remove any stickiness. Laundering will not remove it - use the rubbing alcohol. It's inexpensive and effective.