The Tie That Binds

  The Tie that Binds

A great way to use special neckties that may be outdated but are too good to give away, or they have a sentimental value. Patti says, "After my husband died, I kept putting off giving his ties away. Then I was inspired to make these little purses from his ties and give them to our daughters. Young women today love small purses. They don't seem to have the need to haul everything they own around with them like my generation did. It's a wonderful little dress-up purse with just enough room for lipstick, a little money and a credit card...the essentials. I hope you enjoy making these little bags as much as I did. They're fast and easy; you can make one in less than an hour."
  • Necktie (minimum width at widest point - 3-1/2" to 4")
  • Sulky® Original Metallic and Sliver Metallic Threads
  • Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Threads if using a computerized embroidery design
  • Sulky® Polyester Invisible Thread
  • Chalk marker
  • Velcro dots or patches
  • Rat tail cording or other decorative cords for strap (or make a self-fabric strap)
  • Fasturn tool (for turning self-fabric strap) - Optional
  • Silk flowers or buttons for embellishment - Optional

  1. Determine cutting length: 12-1/2" for a narrow tie - up to 16-1/2" for the widest tie. Measuring from the tip, mark the cutting line with a chalk marker. Cut. 

    (Set cut-off portion of tie aside for use later if you wish to make a matching strap.) 

  2. For a cleaner finish, serge or zig-zag the cut end of the tie using a small width.



Embellishing suggestions using beautiful Sulky® Rayons and/or Metallic Threads. 

  • Use either free-motion stitching, straight stitching on a diagonal, or decorative stitches using the tie fabric as a guide. 

  • If you have a computerized embroidery machine, you could place a design in the center of the widest area of the tie. Use two layers of Sulky® Sticky under the computerized machine embroidery hoop to hold the tie for embroidery. Sulky® Sticky is ideal for allowing small items to be embroidered that can't be held in a hoop 

    This design is from the New Home Memory Card #16 - Cat Series


  1. Fold down 1/2" on the narrow, cut end of the tie. To make the channel to slip the strap into, straight stitch 1/2" from the folded end using Sulky® Polyester invisible Thread. 

  2. Spray KK 2000 onto the back of a Velcro dot or patch and place it on the inside, pointed end of the tie. Stitch it in place with Sulky® Polyester Invisible Thread. Spray KK 2000 onto the back of the matching Velcro dot or patch and position it on the outside of the tie to match the position of the Velcro dot. Stitch. 

    Note: You could also use a metal or plastic snap.



  1. Tuck a 38" piece of rat tail cording into the channel on the narrow end. Edge stitch with Sulky® Polyester Invisible Thread for 1/2", backstitch 1/2" catching the rat tail, then stitch forward to the bottom of the tie. Backstitch. Repeat on the left side. 

  2. On the outside, sew a small silk flower or button over the outline of the Velcro snap. 

    Note: You could also use a metal or plastic snap.


  • Along the remaining end of the tie, clip the tack threads that hold the tie together.
  • Remove the interfacing and cut away the silk facing at the point of the tie.
  • Open and press.
  • Draw a chalk line approximately 1/2" off center of the entire length of the opened tie.
  • From the drawn line, measure over 1" to the other side of the center and draw a second line.
  • Accurately cut out this 1" wide piece with a rotary cutter and ruler to a length of 38" or length desired for strap.
  • With right sides together, straight stitch a very scant 1/4" seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance.
  • Turn right side out with a Fasturn tube turner. Since the remaining portion of the tie is bias, it turns easily without popping stitches, and likewise wears well as a strap.
  • Insert and stitch down the strap as in #1 above.
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