Sandpaper Crayon Art

Sandpaper Crayon Art
Every mother or grandmother has at one time or another experienced the dilemma of trying to remove a crayon stain from their child's clothing that occurred after washing and drying them with a few crayons left in pockets. We have controlled that "dreaded stain" and made a very attractive and creative design for clothing, quilts and other fabric projects with "Crayon Art".

Also, by including our children and grandchildren in some of the projects, we get to share quality time doing fun things with them.

  • Light-colored 65/35% polyester/cotton T-shirts (the tan color is about as dark as you can go for use with the crayons). You can transfer color on fabric dark-to-light, but not light-to-dark.
  • Sulky Totally Stable Stabilizer
  • Sulky Soft 'n Sheer Stabilizer
  • Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Ruler and Chalk Marker (Do not use air-erasable pens) since the heat from the iron will make your markings permanent.
  • Embroidery Designs from Cards.
    (Example: Viking Tiger Card from their library)
  • Sulky Thread - Rayon and Metallic (Sample used Sulky UltraTwist Rayon for the embroideries and Metallic #7004 for border stitching)
  • Crayon Sharpener
  • Inexpensive, New Paint Brush - 1" to 2" wide.
  • Coarse Grain Sandpaper - available in hardware stores.
  • Old Scissors for cutting sandpaper to size.
  • One large, disposable Muslin Pressing Cloth or many samll clothes from scraps of muslin.
  • Large Teflon Pressing Sheet
  • Regular Wax Crayons or Crayola fabric crayons, not washable crayons. Fabric crayons are dull looking when you draw with them but become very bright after ironing. Regular crayons are waxy and hold the color, but when the wax is washed out, a somewhat faded stain remains. Use both kinds of crayons to get a faint, soft effect in some places and stronger color in other places.
Apply Totally Stable
To keep the T-shirt fabric flat and firm enough to draw on with crayons, iron Totally Stable on the inside over the entire front and down as far as you want the design to go. Press well. Turn it inside out and press out any wrinkles from the front.
Mark Your Shirt
  1. To center the design on the shirt, find the center front and use a chalk marker and ruler to draw a vertical line from the neck to the bottom. Measure down 1" from the neck and draw a 15" X 15" chalk square with the vertical line exactly in the center. Measure 1" inside all around the 15" square and draw four chalk 5-1/2" squares, leaving 2" between the squares.
  2. Using crayons and a ruler, draw over the lines of the 15" x 15" square and all four 5-1/2" squares.
  3. Using crayon, draw whatever design you wish within the 2" space between the squares.
Color The Sandpaper
  1. With an old pair of scissors, cut the coarse sandpaper into two 5-1/2" squares.
  2. Using crayons, draw an animal skin design on both squares of the sandpaper: put a lot of pressure on the crayon to push the color into the grain of the sandpaper. Cover both squares of sandpaper, edge-to-edge, with the crayon.
  3. Vigorously shake the sandpaper away from the project so excess particles that have built up during the coloring process will not fall on the project.
  4. Spread out the T-shirt on an ironing surface. Place the sandpaper (colored side down) inside one of the 5-1/2" squares. Use the clean paint brush to brush away any small particles of crayon that may have dropped onto the T-shirt.
Set Color With Iron
Use either a large teflon pressing sheet or a new, clean, disposable muslin press cloth to cover beyond the entire surface. With an iron set on cotton, press (do not move iron) for approximately 10 seconds; continue doing this until the entire 5-1/2" square has been pressed. Gently remove the press cloth and sandpaper.
Repeat Processes To Create Another Square
Place the second square of colored sandpaper on the T-shirt, diagonally opposite from the first square. Brush away any particles of crayon with a clean brush. Cover with a new, clean press cloth, and press with an iron the same way as the first square. Remove press cloth and sandpaper.

Using a new clean muslin press cloth, large enough to cover the entire design, press the entire design once more to soak up any excess color.

Embroider The Two Opposite Squares
Turn shirt inside out. Spray KK 2000 onto a large piece of Sulky Soft 'n Sheer and adhere it to the Totally Stable. Turn shirt right side out.

Using decorative stitches from your machine and your choice of Sulky threads, stitch around the outside of your design squares.

Use appropriate Sulky 40 wt. or Sulky 35 wt. UltraTwist to embroider tigers or other designs in the 5-1/2" blank squares. Trim away stabilizers on back of shirt.