Frayed Print Upside Down Appliqué

Frayed Print Upside Down Applique
Frayed Print Upside Down Applique Picture

What an easy way to show your colors – make it tonight!


  • Sewing Machine and 14/90 needle
  • USA Flag Print Fabrics


Frayed Print Upside Down Applique Picture

  1. Chose your favorite USA Flag Print
  2. Carol chose a combination of prints that she cut apart and repositioned to applique this child's ready-made sweatshirt. Trim your print for placement, leaving a 3/4" seam allowance all around the outside edges.
  3. Turn the sweatshirt inside out and place your trimmed flag print RIGHT SIDE DOWNon the INSIDE of the sweatshirt. To hold it in place spray a little KK 2000 on the right side of the print on the seam allowance areas only.
  4. Using regular sewing thread on top and Sulky Invisible Thread in the bobbin, straight stitch from the back, along the design lines, i.e., around the star and down the stripes.
  5. Spray KK 2000 on a sheet of Sulky Tear-Easy and place it over the back of the print on the inside of the sweatshirt. Turn the sweatshirt right side out.
  6. Thread the top with Sulky Holoshimmer #6045 Multi-color, and the bobbin with Sulky 40 wt. Rayon to match the sweatshirt. Choose an appropriate decorative stitch like the starburst stitch that Carol used.
  7. From the right side, stitch over all of the straight stitch lines.
  8. Carefully cut away within 1/4" of the stitching, all of the top sweatshirt layer covering the Star shapes and the Sripes print. Carefully clip notches in the remaining 1/4" to create a frayed look.

Wear with pride!