Embroidered Overshirt & Tee

Using a fabric print for a background on which to place your embrodiery, you achieve a more complicated, layered look with minimal effort. Look for fabrics like the one used here. It was actually part of a border print that was cut up and laid on point to create the interesting background. Maybe you saw Joyce wear it when she was a guest on the Fons & Porter PBS TV Show.

Joyce's "Insirational Concepts" Embroidery Card features 20 Floral Designs with inspirational messages. You can use them as designed or just use the flowers.

  • Any Sewing Machine capable of Computerized Machine Embroidery
    with a hoop capable of 4" embroidery
  • Optional Pallette™ Editing Program
  • AD 3000 - Amazing Designs embroidery Card
    "Insirational Concepts in Sulky" by Joyce Drexler
  • Sulky Totally Stable™ Iron-On Stabilzier
  • Sulky KK 2000™ Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Sulky Polyester Bobbin Thread
  • Sulky Original Metallic Thread #7023 Black/Silver
  • 1 piece of fabric at least 12" x 20"
  • 2 pieces of fabric 9" x 9"
  • Steam-A-Seam 2™ Fusible Web
  • Chalk or Air Erasable marker
  • General Sewing Supplie
  • Overshirt & Tee-shirt
  1. Fabric: Cut a piece at least 12" x 20", making certain that there is enough fabric surrounding the design areas to hoop securely. Prewash if desired, then press.
  2. Stabilize: For this project, the design of the fabric dictates hooping on the bias grain. To prevent stretching, iron a piece of Sulky Totally Stable, the same size as the fabric, to the wrong side, and do not remove it until all designs have been embroidered.
Marking and Hooping
  1. Mark placement: Find the center point on your fabric for the finshed design area and, with a chalk or air erasable marker, draw a horizontal reference line across the 20" width. Place a plus sign (+) where you want the middle design to be. To space approximately 1" between designs, mark a + 4-1/2" away on each side of the center mark (+).
  2. Hooping: If using a small hoop for a 4" x 4" design, center the + in your hoop before you stitch each design with Sulky Thread. Rotate for desired orientation. If your machine has a large hoop 260 x 160, you will be able to sew out two designs by hooping your fabric to one end, aligning the + with the marks on the ends of the hoop. Use the layout screen to position the needle over the + for the center of the design. Embroider 2 designs and rehoop for the 3rd. With an extra large hoop, all three 4" designs may be sewn in a single hooping, but the margin will be narrower between each motif. Simply mark a horizontal line in the center of the piece and hoop the fabric and stabilizer, aligning the marks on the fabric with the guides on the hoop. Use the layout screen to position the needle over the + for the center of the design. Sew the first design. Use the layout arrow to move to one end, rotating the design if needed. Sew the second design. Move as far as possible to the other end of the hoop and sew the third design.
  3. Take fabric out of the hoop and remove the stabilzier. Press
  4. Apply Steam-A-Seam 2 to the back of the embroidered fabric. Trim to the finshed shape desired.
  5. Fuse onto a tee-shirt following instructions on Steam-A-Seam package. This project was finished with a decorative blanket stitch sewn around the applique with Sulky Rayon.
Reversible Pocket Patch using Palette 2.0
  1. Because of the written sayings, this card is not formatted to reverse or scale, However, you can reverse just the flowers.
    • Enter the layout and editing portion of your palette.
    • Click on the "file"; click on "OPEN"; then browse and find AD-3000.
    • Open, select 24063, click on EDIT, click on SELECT ALL, click on VERTICAL MIRROR, and then click on WRITE TO CARD. You now have a mirror image of the design.
  2. When sewing each flower, with the needle position over the center of the design area, advance to color zone 3 before beginning to sew, and stop on zone 10. After the flower and outline are done, follow the same steps with an edited version for mirror image.
  3. Adhere to Steam-A-Seam 2 and trim to final size and shape. Fuse onto front pockets of an overshirt and finish with an applique stitch if desired.