Embroidered Landscape

Fabric TissueBox Cover

Finished size:11-1/4" H x 12-1/4" W without borders

Prepare Fabric
  1. To scrunch up the tree and lower left ground fabric, wet it, smush it, and press the scrunch in with a hot iron until dry. Iron fusible interfacing onto the back of each piece. Set aside for now.
  2. To make dimensional leaves, use a fusible web to fuse together enough leaf fabric to cut out two leaves. Use KK 2000 to hold them in place between two layers of Solvy; secure in an embroidery hoop. Thread the top and bobbin with Sulky #1176 and satin stitch around the leaves. Remove the Solvy and set aside.
  3. Spray KK 2000 on the back of the sky fabric and place it on the muslin. Continue spraying and placing each consecutive fabric below the previous one, overlapping about 1/4".
Construct It
  1. Spray KK 2000 on each of two layers of Tear-Easy and place them under the landscape-covered muslin. 
  2. Attach the applique foot and begin stitching down the fabric layers with decorative stitches, changing the Sulky thread colors as necessary. If another fabric overlaps, move it out of the way so the stitches can go below it, then smooth it back in place. Patsy frayed a 6" strip of woven fabric and tucked it into a pleat of the ground fabric to add dimension and interest. 
  3. Attach the darning foot, lower the feed dogs and thread up with Sulky UltraTwist #3034. Free-motion straight stitch some trees on the top hills. Refer to the picture for the shape. Change to green Ultra Twist #3025 and make free-motion circles to form bushes between the trees. 
  4. Raise the feed dogs, attach the applique foot and create a fence on the top left hill by sewing small satin stitches about 1/2" long and about 5/8" apart for the "rails". With a three-step or regular straight stitch, stitch a line just below the top of the rails. 
  5. Draw the tree shape on the fusible web and fuse it to the interfaced side of the scrunched tree fabric. Cut out the tree, turn under the edges about 1/4", then fuse it onto the left side of the landscape picture about 1" to 1-1/2" from the edge. 
  6. Cut the scrunched ground fabric so that it covers the edge of the tree; turn under the edges, and place it on the picture with narrow strips of fusible web under the top edges. Do not fuse yet. 
  7. Draw the other 3 leaves on the fusible web and iron it onto the wrong side of the leaf fabric. Cut out the leaves and fuse 2 of them onto the landscape just under the hill fabric. Satin stitch around the edges with Sulky #1176. 
  8. Tuck the two dimensional leaves under the scrunched ground fabric. Straight stitch the hill fabric in place, keeping the dimensional leaves out of the way but catching the bottom edges in the stitching. Place the 3rd leaf to overlap the hill fabric; fuse the leaf and ground fabric in place. Tack down each dimensional leaf on one of its points. 
  9. Add flowers and satin-stitched leaves to fill in the picture. Refer to the picture for placement. Make the tall stems with either a wavy or straight line of satin stitches. Add flowers on either side of the stem using machine flower designs or free-motion shapes. Vary the Sulky 40 wt. thread colors for the different flowers. Add small flowers on the second hill beside the tree and the satin stitched leaves. 
  10. Use Sulky Multi-Color #2243 to stitch some flower shapes on or beside the stems, using either a star stitch or any stitch you have that looks like a flower. Or, you can create flowers with a zig-zag stitch by setting the machine for a wide zig-zag, lowering the feed dogs, stitching in place several times, then rotating the fabric slightly and repeating. Have the stitch start on the inside (left) and stop on the left before you pivot the fabric. Make several "petals" until you have a circular shape that looks like a star. Vary the width of the zig-zag to vary the size of the flowers. Make "fuzzy" flowers by placing scissors under the threads of the "petal" as close to the outside as possible. Clip. Brush with your fingers to "fuzz". 
  11. To simulate bark, use UltraTwist #3034 to add some straight stitching to the length of the big scrunched tree; also stitch over the scrunched bottom ground fabric to hold it in place. 
  12. Remove the stabilizer from the back. Straighten the edges of the picture with a ruler and a rotary cutter. Add a 3" border to the outside edges. Quilt as desired.


Trees & Hills

(click for larger picture)
For those of you without the patterns we are providing them as downloads from the browser below. You may click each image and then print the full size pattern that appears or you may save the images to your local hard drive. 

If you print from the browser, be sure to print only the first two pages or you will print several blank pages in addition to the patterns. 

If you wish to save to your hard drive proceed as follows: 

PC users - right click on each image and select "save this image as..." in the pop up menu. 

Mac users - click and hold to bring up the popoup menu and then select "save this image as...".