Dimensional Embroidery


Project Overview

I chose Soft 'n Sheer for this project because it is soft, yet it will support the stitches without adding stiffness. It trims away cleanly from the stitched edge and can even be 'burned' away because of its nylon consistency --Patsy

Patsy Shields Sellersburg, IN

Patsy has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. for over 15 years as a free-lance sewing specialist teaching serger classes, fitting workshops, and machine art seminars.

She has been published in the SERGER UPDATE NEWSLETTER and has contributed both to a book for the SINGER REFERENCE LIBRARY and to SEW NEWS, as well as co-authoring the UPDATED SERGER CONCEPTS IN SULKY BOOK and the PATCHWORK CONCEPTS IN SULKY BOOK

She has taught at National Sewing Events including SMART, BABY LOCK TECH, NEW HOME INSTITUTE, QUILT MARKET AND QUILT FESTIVAL as well as SULKY INSTRUCTOR TRAINING SEMINARS and over a hundred Sulky "Sew Exciting" SEMINARS.

Construct It
  1. Place the Soft 'n Sheer Cut Away Stabilizer in your sewing machine's embroidery hoop and stitch only the parts of the flowers that you plan to be 3-D. Do not stitch the last bit of color in the flower centers. Remove the stabilizer from the hoop. Cut out the flowers close to the stitching.
  2. Place the fabric to be embroidered, with Cut Away Plus under it, into the embroidery hoop and stitch the design, except for the last dot of color in flower centers. Place the dimensional flowers on carefully, aligning everything up properly; use Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive to hold flowers in place; stitch the last dot of color in flower centers to secure them. These 3-D overlays will lift up and add extra pizzazz to your project.
  3. remove fabric from the hoop, cut away the stabilizer, and make into a picture, pillow or garment insert. Sulky Soft 'n Sheer can also be burned away using a stencil cutter or textile burning tool. Trim away excess first, and be sure to work from the wrong side. You can make any design a 3-D design using Soft 'n Sheer and the textile burning tool. This is a great way to make your practice stitchouts, and then you can use them as an applique!

Tip: Look for flowers that have a small ring or dot of additional color in the center and have separate or partially separate petals.

You can also create this 3-D effect by 'sandwiching' netting between two layers of Sulky Solvy Water Soluble Stabilizer. Press the Solvy layers together with netting in the center to bond everything together and give more support to the fine netting.