Computer Embroidered Book Covers


Project Overview
Make a truly special gift for someone special in your life. These book covers come alive with embroidery or just decorative stitching. Perfect for holding the memories from that special vacation, family event, or holiday. They're quick and easy and really fun to make, and even more fun to give.

Joyce featured designs from her Great Notions cards:
Inspirational Concepts in Sulky and Falling Leaves.

  • Sewing machine with Embroidery capabilities
  • 90/14 embroidery needle and a 90/14 metallic needle
  • Sulky Holoshimmer or Sliver Thread and Sulky Polyester Invisible Thread
  • Chalk Marker
  • Rotary Cutter, Mat and Ruler
  • Iron and Pressing Surface
  • Regular sewing thread to match book cover fabric
  • Sulky KK 2000™ Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Threads to coordinate with book cover fabric and as suggested by the embroidery card
  • General Sewing Supplies


  • Fabrics:
    • Cut the book cover fabric 4" higher and 3-4 times wider than the front of the book you wish to cover
    • Cut Sulky Cut-Away Plus Stabilizer the same size as the fabric
    • Fleece and Backing Fabric cut the same size as above
Prepare Book Cover Fabric
Cut your chosen book cover fabric 4" higher and 3 to 4 times wider than the front of the book you wish to cover. With wrong sides together, fold in half widthwise and finger press the fold line. Place the fold line to the left. Open the book to its center page and lay it on the fabric so the center of the book's spine is on the fold line; center the book top to bottom. Close the book to the right and trace around it with a chalk marker. Find the center of the marked outline and draw intersecting vertical and horizontal lines to match with the center of your chosen embroidery design.
Stabilize and Embroider the Book Cover
Cut a piece of Sulky Cut-Away Plus the same size as the book cover fabric, spray it with KK 2000, and smooth the wrong side of the fabric on top of it. Hoop, centering the cross in the center of the hoop. Embroider the design with the suggested Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Threads, remove the fabric from the hoop, and press.
White lines indicate where the
front cover is located.
Channel Quilt
Layer the backing fabric, thin batting, and book cover fabric using KK 2000 to hold them together. If your fabric has lines like bricks or stripes, simply follow the lines of the fabric. If not, draw them with a chalk marker using the top and bottom of the embroidery design border as a guide to draw a line on either side of the border to the edges (indicated by dotted line).

Thread a 90/14 metallic needle with Sulky Sliver or Holoshimmer and put a Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Thread (color to match the fabric) in the bobbin. Straight stitch quilt on the chalk line, then use the edge of the presser foot to stitch parallel lines from the center out. You may want to draw several extra lines parallel to the center one to help you keep the quilting lines straight.

Solid white lines on photo above
indicate flaps and spine.
Trim and Overcast
Cut off the full width of the top and bottom, 1/2" outside the outline of the book front. Wrap the embroidered fabric around the book with the embroidered design centered on the front cover. Fold the fly covers inside the book. Pin mark the front and back folds. Pin mark where you want the flaps to end, matching the length of the front and back. Remove the book and, with cover side up, cut off ends square at the 2 outside pins. Using a serger or an overlock stitch and foot on your regular sewing machine, stitch around all 4 sides with a matching Sulky Rayon on top and regular sewing thread in the bobbin.
Turn Right Side Out
With right side up, fold in the flap ends at the pins you placed to mark the edges of the book cover. Pin in place and use Sulky Polyester Invisible Thread to sew along the top and bottom edges of the flap portion 3/8" from the edge; backstitch securely at the beginning and the end.

Turn right side out. From the back side, turn down the top and bottom edges to the inside and use Sulky Invisible Thread to top stitch them in place with 2 lines of straight stitching or 1 line of zig-zag stitching.

Insert the binder or photo album. This makes a very thoughtful gift for a special someone.

Turn up edge. Pin. Stitch.