Applique & Machine Embellished Denim Shirt


Applique & Machine Embellished Denim Shirt

Project Overview

We're always looking for quick, fun projects, and this project by Jackie Dodson is a classic. Get a plain, cotton shirt out of your closet, and embellish it for a new look. Looking at this, I was thinking how cool it would be with some patriotic fabric for the Memorial Day and 4th of July events.

About the Artist

Jackie Dodson of LaGrange Park, IL GA

Previously a high school teacher, Jackie is now a full-time writer and designer who has authored or co-autored eighteen books for Chilton Book Co., as well as written numerous magazine and newsletter articles and rgular columns for the American Sewing Guild in Chicago, The Needlework Tiimes and The Creative Machine Newsletter. She also conducts lectures and seminars for guilds, sewing machine dealers, fabric stores, and national sewing and craft organizations. Sew and Serge Terrific Textures is part of the Sew and Serge series she is writing with co-author, Jan Saunders.


  • Sulky Tear-Easy
  • Sulky Solvy
  • Gold Sulky Sliver™ #8005 Metallic Thread
  • Teflon Pressing Sheet
  • Gluestick or Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Hemostat or Stuff-It Tool
  • Open Toe Applique Foot


  1. Outline the applique shape on Solvy, then pin this on top of the applique fabric. Straight stitch together, following the outline. Cut around applique 1/8" outside the stitched edge. Clip seam allowance and trim corners.
  2. Cut a small slit in the center of the stabilizer to turn the applique right side out. Use a hemostat or Stuff-It tool to push out corners and edges. Protect your ironing board and iron from potential stabilizer residue by wrapping a teflon pressing sheet under and over the applique, then press a sharp crease on the applique edges.
  3. Use gluestick to hold the applique on top of the denim shirt. (Sometimes pressing the applique-backed Solvy lightly on a base fabric adheres the applique enough to stitch it in place.) Place Sulky Tear-Easy under the denim. Attach applique with a blanket stitch using the open-toe applique foot and Sulky Gold Sliver Metallic Thread.
  4. Use Tear-Easy when embellishing the rest of the shirt to stabilize background fabric when using decorative stitches, sewing on beads and baubles, and applying cords.
Joyce's Tip:
Sulky KK2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive is a faster and easier alternative to pinning or gluing, and it makes fabric repositionable.