A Puffy Foam Welcome

A Puffy Foam Welcome A Puffy Foam Welcome
Patti Jo is a regular on the PBS TV program, "American Sews with Sue Hausmann". As a traveling Education Consultant for Viking, she loves inspiring others to be creative with their sewing skills. Specializing in heirloom sewing and working with French Hand Sewing experts, Martha Pullen and Kathy McMakin, she has brought Traveling Schools of Art Fashion across the United States. Patti Jo
  • 9" x 24" Striped Decorator Fabric
  • Fusible Interfacing
  • Sulky Totally Stable Iron-On Stabilizer
  • Sulky 3 mm Puffy Foam - color to coordinate with thread color
  • Sulky Rayon Embroidery Thread
  • Husqvarna Embroidery Library 200900, Old English Alphabet
  • 1/2" wide Steam-A-Seam 2 Tape
  • 4" Bell Pull Hardware - available in Craft Stores
  • Tassel
  1. Cut a 9" x 24" rectangle of striped decorator fabric with a stripe running with the longer side.

  2. Serge with a three-thread overlock stitch to clean finish all edges.

  3. Cut a 5" x 18" strip of fusible interfacing. Center it on a stripe on the back of the decorator fabric; fuse it on.

  4. To determine the placement of the embroidered letters, on the right side starting 5-1/4" down from the top, make a mark with a chalk or air-erasable marker every 2-1/4" along the center, ending 5-1/4" from the bottom.
Make the Bell Pull

1. To stabilize for embroidery, on the underside, cover the fusible interfacing with Sulky Totally Stable. Embelish with Stitching over Sulky Puffy Foam
2. Cut a piece of Puffy Foam a little larger than the embroidered letter message will be. Spray KK 2000 on it and adhere it to the front center of the fabric.
3. Choose your favorite color(s) of Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Thread and embroider the letters W-E-L-C-O-M-E (from Husqvarna Embroidery Library 200900, Old English Alphabet) over the Puffy Foam.
3. Tear away the excess Puffy Foam and shrink any fuzzies by holding a steam iron about 1/2" above them and shooting them with steam.

  1. To finish the bell pull, press under each side either following a strip as a guide, or so the finished size is 3-3/4" x 18-1/2".

  2. Press 1/2" Steam-A-Seam 2 tape to the wrong side of the overlapping edge. Pull off the paper and press to fuse the overlapping edge to the underneath layer.

  3. Fold the top and bottom ends to a point. Trim away excess fabric leaving 1/4" seam allowance. Insert hardware. Fold the point up and whip-stitch it in place on the back of the bell pull.