Polyester Thread

Sulky 40 Wt. Poly Deco ™ thread is a top quality, lower priced, trilobal polyester embroidery thread that is shiny, strong and colorfast. It is perfect for appliqué and embroidery on children's clothing, work clothes, sports clothes, or garments that you will wash frequently or bleach. Use our lighter Sulky 60 Wt. PolyLite thread for micro-stippling or fine detail quilting and accurate piecing. Sulky Polyester Invisible thread has a more flexible, soft touch than nylon and is more tolerant to the heat of an iron and our Polyester Bobbin thread is the perfect bobbin when you use Sulky Rayon or Metallic on top.

Poly Deco™ 40 Wt.
PolyLite™ 60 Wt.
Poly Sparkle™ (Star) 30 Wt.
Invisible Thread