Instructions for Using Sulky Colored Iron-on Transfer Pens

  • Always test transfer pen on a sample of the receiving surface to assure precise results.
  • When transferring onto any surface where ink penetration might occur, protect surface underneath.
  • When transferring a design that won't be covered with embellishments, the receiving fabric must contain at least 35% polyester to insure permanency of ink; wait 3-5 days before laundering gently with mild detergent.
  • When outlining patterns for transfers, the image will be reversed when transferred to another surface. Important for numbers and letters: To get the transferred image to appear in the original direction, draw or trace the design onto plain paper with a dark marker or #2 pencil; turn paper over and retrace image on the wrong side with the transfer pen.
  • Another method is to trace design onto clear acetate; turn acetate over and trace reversed image onto regular paper with the transfer pen.
  • Press down on the pen lightly to form a fine line, and harder for a broad line.
  • Preheat dry iron to the hottest setting that receiving surface can stand without scorching. The hotter the iron, the faster and darker the design will transfer. DO NOT USE STEAM!




  1. Follow directions on pen to start the flow of ink.
  2. Draw or trace design onto any smooth paper, like copy paper or loose-leaf paper.
  3. Place transfer, ink side down, against the receiving surface.
  4. Hold transfer in place and press iron down firmly. Move iron slightly to avoid light impression under steam holes.
  5. After about 30 seconds, without shifting the transfer pattern, lift a corner to see if design has transferred to your satisfaction. If not, reapply iron.




  1. After tracing the outline of the pattern, press the tip of the pen onto a cotton swab and allow the swab to absorb the ink. Remove excess ink by rubbing the swab gently on paper.
  2. Apply ink to the pattern where shading is desired by rubbing the swab softly in a circular motion. Reapply ink frequently. Use a new cotton swab with each 3 or 4 applications.
  3. If shading is too dark, it can be lightened or erased with an extra soft white eraser.
  4. Though outlines of transfers may be used 3-4 times, shading is lighter and may need to be reapplied after each use.

This ink is permanent. Works best on light or pastel colored poly-cotton blends.