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Katie Bartz   "Katie has the reputation of being an adventurer and an inspiring entrepreneur." Her experience in sewing and computer software have made her a successful educator, with multiple online classes, a book, instructional DVDs, and more!
Katie Bartz of Sewing Scene

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by the creativity of others. I also love sharing knowledge in the sewing industry and did so by co-authoring a book, "Pillow Talk", several years ago, and by teaching nationally with the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo. I am also an international online educator at Martha Pullen's educational website as well as a designer for some of their licensing projects. I love digitizing my own designs to coincide with my patterns and love teaching the "new" student how to embroider with success.

Katie Bartz Bags

How do you come up with your designs and collections?

My designs and collections find me…unless I'm looking for something specific, I'm usually inspired by something I see or if there is a need for a particular project. I get lots of requests for project designs as well. Since I love to educate, my pattern designs focus on techniques, but you get the benefit of a great project once the design is completed! It's a win-win and you learn something as well! For example, my "Pack it in Series" of classes include a duffle, toolbox, and organizing portfolios. This series of patterns takes you from beginning machine quilting, embroidery, adding hardware, and shows you how to set your machine correctly for a professional project when finished. It focuses on techniques and fine-tuned engineering construction, but you have a nice set of luggage to take to a retreat when you have finished…and you learn skills to take to your next sewing project!

Katie Bartz Bags

What is your favorite Sulky product? Why?

I have to say, there isn't a day when I'm in my sewing studio that I don't use one or more Sulky products to take my project "from home-made to pro-made". It's hard to pick one product as I do use them all. As you can see from the project photos, I have a diverse interest and I like using products in ways others may not use them to get the results I want. I love embroidering with Tear Easy Stabilizer. It's my "go to" stabilizer for machine quilting, channel quilting, and embroidering designs on t-shirts, as well. The "Core Embroidery Skills" classes at show you how to create pucker-free embroidery stitch outs!

Core Embroidery Classes

I love digitizing my own cross stitch designs and Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Thread gives me such great color matching, as you can see from the "Latte" design below.

Digitized Designs

I also use Sulky Invisible Thread for the beading by machine that you see. Each bead is sewn on individually using Tear Easy, and stitched in place with Sulky Invisible Thread. I use the invisible thread in the top and bobbin whenever it is used.


For free-standing lace, Fabri-Solvy Stabilizer is my choice for perfect stitch formation and stabilizer removal. The flowered apron uses perfectly matched Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Thread to coordinate with the fabric colors. I wanted to have the flowers embroidered on the bodice fabric so I digitized the fabric and ta-da! – a custom embroidery to coordinate with the fabric!

Digitized Embroidery