Its In The Bag Pendant or Pouch


It's In the Bag Pendant or Pouch
By Mary Lu Stark
A Sulky Super Solvy
Water Soluble Stabilizer Project

Project Overview

Make this beautiful pendant or pouch to hold your treasures or secrets. This one-of-a-kind piece of "thread jewelry" will be a show stopper! And, it's so much fun to make!

About the Artist

Mary Lu Stark
- Albequerque, NM

Mary Lu recieved a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art with a Major in Studio Art from the University of New Mexico. She was a Quilt Shop Owner from 1978 to 1985. She has been the Director of numerous Quilt and Art-To-Wear Seminars, most notably, NEW MEXICO QUILT FIESTA 1981 and 1989 and FASHION FLIGHT OF FANCY 1990 with Ann Rae Roberts. Mary Lu teaches wearable art classes and workshops for guilds, shops, and private groups on a free-lance basis; she specializes in pieced clothing, jackets and belts with emphasis on fabric manipulation, embellishment, texture and pattern originality.

She is part owner (with her daughter, Lara) of Pink Haus Studio in Telluride, Colorado where they show and sell their bead work and other wearables.


  • Sulky Super Solvy Stabilizer
  • Sulky Tear-Easy Stabilizer
  • Sulky Rayon Thread in desired backgound color
  • Sulky Metallic and Sliver Thread
    Step-by-Step Model used:
    7012 - Lavendar
    7015 - Jade Green
    7052 - Peacock Green
    7020 - Gold/Turquoise/Pink
    8050 - Purple
    8001 - Silver
  • Suly Bobbin Thread (White or Black)
  • Sulky Polyester Invisible Thread
  • 6" German Hardwood Embroidery Hoop
  • Metallica 12/80 and Embroidery Needle 70 or 75/11 and 14/90
  • 1-1/2 yards Crossed-Lock Beads
  • 1-1/2 yards Cord (Satin Cord. Rat Tail, or make your own)
  • Beads: Just a few - check to be sure hole is large enough to allow a size 70-75 needle to clear
  • Small piece of Fleece and Ultra Suede for backing
  • Tweezers for bead work
  • Beading Foot and/or Cording Foot
  • Pattern below


  1. Decide on shape of design (on pullout pattern sheet) and trace shape onto an 8" square of Super Solvy.
  2. Set up machine for free motion. Select a 5" or 6" piece of fabric with colors or lines that appeal to you to help you get started. If you don't need this help, use a piece of fabric in any solid color because the fabric will not show when the piece is finished.

  3. Sandwich fabric between one 8" square of Super Solvy on the bottom and Super Solvy with traced pattern on top in a machine embroidery hoop. Using Sulky 40 wt. Rayon thread in the bobbin and a size 14/90 embroidery needle, free-motion straight stitch around outer edge of pattern to contain the shape.

  4. Change to 3.0 width zig-zag and start filling in the background with a side-to-side movement. Remember, fabric is just a "starter" -- don't try to copy the print -- just fill in some shapes. Then start filling in the blanks using different colors of Sulky Metallic and Sliver threads; carry each color in small amounts throughout the pattern, building up the colors until the over-all effect is pleasing to you. This is a small piece, so it won't take long to fill it in.
  5. Now the fun begins with the beads. Just a few will be needed for the final touch. Insert a size 75 embroidery needle; upper tension remains lowered as in free-motion set-up.
  6. With a Sulky Metallic (Mary Lu's favorite for this is multi-color 7020 because it seems to blend in with most colors and enhance the work as it progresses) or Invisible Thread in the needle and Sulky Invisible in the bobbin, use a free-motion straight stitch to appy beads one at a time. Place beads at least 3/8" from the edge all the way around so as not to interfere with the bead foot later when adding the crossed lock beads and cord to edge of pendant.

  7. To attach beads, fasten on thread, and with needle in up position, use tweezers to place a bead, hole up, next to the thread. Take one stitch in center of bead, then one stitch on side of bead as close to bead as possible. This stitch should pull bead over on its side. If it does not, use tweezers to roll it over. Stitch another bead site and repeat the process to attach another bead, continuing in this manner until desired number of beads have been attached.

  8. Remove your jewel from the hoop and trim away the Super Solvy and excess fabric. Cut two or three layers of fleece slightly smaller than pendant and place under pendant. Cut rectangle or square of Ultra Suede about 1/2" larger all around than the pendant, and place them under pendant and fleece. Raise feed dogs, attach regular sewing foot, and use normal sewing tension. Use a Sulky Metallic or Invisible Thread that will blend in with the other colors to baste edges of pendant to Ultra Suede with a narrow zig-zag stitch. If a more weighted pendant is desired, insert weights or coins inside piece between fleece layers before closing the edges. Trim Ultra Suede to edge of pendant.
  9. To suspend the pendant, cut satin cord or metallic braid the desired length. Put Metallic Thead on both top and bobbin. Place a strip of Sulky Tear-Easy under the cord to stabilize it while stitching Crossed-Lock beads onto it. Use a 4.0 to 4.5 mm width zig-zag stitch and 2.5 to 3.0 length. (Test stitch length and width on your machine so that stitches fall between beads and around cord.) Apply crossed-lock beads to edge of neck cord. After stitching is completed, carefully remove the Tear-Easy strip. Insert each end of beaded neck cord into upper edge of pendant between front and back.
  10. At center front of heart pendant, insert one end of remaining cord and one end of crossed-lock beads between front and back of pendant. Using a wide zig-zag or blanket stitch, attach cord and crossed-lock beads btween front and back of pendant, then simultaneously around edge of pendant starting and ending at center front. Trim away excess cord and beads and push ends into pendant at starting point of stitching. Fashion a beaded dangle or other accent and attach it to the bottom of the pendant.

To Make An Amulet Pouch

  1. Select one of the rectangular shapes and add another layer of Ultra Suede to the back during the completion stage. Leave an opening at the top between the two layers of Ultra-Suede to form the pouch. Sew crossed-lock beads across the top of the back piece first, then continue around the edge of the pouch, up and around neck cord, down to the starting point on upper side of the pouch.
  2. For closure, make loop of seed beads (use some of the crossed-lock beads for this purpose) and attach by hand to the center back of pouch. String a short dangle of seed beads with a larger bead at the end to pull through the loop and attach it to the center front of pouch.

To Make Brooch

After applying cord and crossed-lock beads around edge, simply sew or glue pin-back on the back side of the brooch.

Sign your work -- be proud!


For the patterns we are providing them as downloads from the browser below. You may click the image and then print the pattern that appears or you may save the images to your local hard drive.

The patterns are scaled to fit on an 8-1/2" X 11" piece of paper, though they might have to be rotated. If you wish to use a larger size, you can scale them up appropriately in your print dialog box or print them out as provided and enlarge them by some other means (copy machine, projector, local blueprint shop etc). 

If you wish to save to your hard drive proceed as follows: 

PC users - right click on each image and select "save this image as..." in the pop up menu. 

Mac users - control click to bring up the popoup menu and then select "save this image as...".