How would I use Sulky Sticky Self-Adhesive Stabilizer?

Hoop Sulky Sticky with the release paper side up, the way you would hoop a piece of fabric. Using a small knife or straight pin, score the paper and pull it away from the adhesive layer. Fingerpress your fabric to the Sticky. Attach the hoop to the embroidery machine. If more support is needed for flimsy or unstable fabrics, spray Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive on a layer or two of Sulky Tear-Easy or Sulky Stiffy Stabilizer and slip it under the hoop; embroider. For best results, remove excess Sticky from fabric within several hours of application.

For "hoopless" embroidery, use only the outer portion of the hoop for your embroidery machine. Peel off and discard the paper release sheet from the Sticky and affix the adhesive side to the bottom of the outer portion of your hoop. Place your fabric on the hoop and finger press to adhere it to the Sticky. Put the hoop on your embroidery machine. If more support is needed, place a layer or two of Sulky Tear-Easy or Stiffy Stabilizer under the hoop, and embroider. To remove any adhesive buildup on the hoop, use Goo-Gone, which is available at most fabric and hardware stores. Hint: For even more stability, wrap the Sticky up the side of the outer hoop as well.

For hand work projects like counted cross stitch, silk ribbon embroidery, etc., when the fabric isn't large enough to fit in the hoop, affix Sulky Sticky to outer edges of fabric to make them larger.