How should I launder Sulky threads?

The care instructions on our "real" thread color chart are as follows:

All colors of Sulky are wash, boil and light fast and can be dry-cleaned. For best results, however, we recommend the following care be taken:

Washing: All embroidered articles should be washed with mild laundering agents. If washed by hand, ample water should be used to allow the goods to move freely. If necessary, Sulky can also be washed with heavy duty detergents. However, some of these detergents may contain optical brighteners that can cause discoloration. Therefore, you should prefer heavy duty detergents that have no additives of bleaching agents such as chlorine, peroxide, or sodium carbonate. It is most important to thoroughly rinse the embroidery before wringing or dry spinning. Embroidered clothing should never be left lying in a damp or wet pile. Both of the above apply in particular to embroidered items that are washed for the first time.

Dry-Cleaning and Stain Removing: Sulky may be dry-cleaned. Stain removers must not contain any bleaching agents or color removers if they come into direct contact with the embroidery. It is necessary to rinse the embroidery after stain removing.

Ironing: All embroidered items should be ironed on the reverse side or between two pieces of cloth. (This is a particularly safe procedure with metallic threads.)

Drying; Tumble dry on low setting.