Chilly Cat Machine Embroidery Design

Chilly Cat

Chilly Cat is Back!!! Free for a limited time for the month of December!
This long-hair cat breed is sporting a Santa hat to say "Happy Holidays!"

Easily swap the thread colors for the fur (and eyes) to personalize the cat however you like! Sulky Filaine thread, used for the fur, has a soft, fuzzy texture and mimics vintage handwork in appearance. But, when brushed out, the threads bloom to look like real fur.
So Chilly Cat can be "fluffy" or just "chillin" around!

Use our Filaine wire brush to ensure desired results.

Now available - the new Sulky Fur Filaine Thread Collection: Featured fur colors for Chilly Cat (and more for those other feline friends, coming in the Fall) are also included in the collection!
Fur Collection

Supplies for Chilly Cat:

Download the Chilly Cat design and Color Chart here! >>

Chilly Cat
is part of the Peekaboo Pets Machine Embroidery Collection that will be coming soon at Sulky!

NOTE: This free design will expire soon, so be sure to get it while you can!