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Sit & Sew

Date & Time
June 22, 2017 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
QuiltWorks (Google Map)
9431 Jones Rd.
Houston, TX 77065
Class Information
Sit & Sew Workshop - Basic Thread Sketching & Couching
One-Day Workshop
Educator: Lee Fletcher
Event Information
Sit & Sew Workshop - Basic Thread Sketching & Couching Information
One of our latest workshops that brings together 2 fabulous techniques in one class for a full day. You will learn the basics and have fun at the same time! 

Couching, Thread Sketching & Free-motion Basics  (2 1/2 hours/session)

Couching: Learn the basics of raw edge appliqué; layering techniques; machine fed/free-motion couching; and free-motion straight stitch thread painitng. Couch yarns to acutally create an object or make awsome textures by threading multiple thareads throught the eye of a single needle. 

Thread Sketching: Learn how to write cursive with our machine - great for labels and signing quilts; basic free-motion straight stitching with differnent thread types; free-motion quilting, free-motion fill-n; introduction to thread sketched portraits and pen & ink tangles.  These exercises will help you get your stitches more uniform in length. 
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