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Matchstick Placemat - Table Topper

Date & Time
December 12, 2016 11:45 AM
Class Information
Matchstick Placemat - Table Topper
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Educator: Kelly Nagel
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Matchstick Quilting (generally) refers to straight stitching done in sections about a “matchstick” apart, probably based on wooden matchsticks (hence the name) It is one of THE trendy and contemporary methods of quilting today. Very popular in the “Modern Quilting” movement, but truly timeless.
You’ll find a gazillion photos of this work if you “Google” it. You’ll notice some are perfect, others are more free-form, some are organically wavy and others are a combination of all of those things. But there are things to know before you start for your best end product.

Techniques Include:
  • Making a quilt sandwich without borders and how to add them later
  • Marking with heat-erasable pens and why
  • Combining different thread types and weights
  • Adding a touch of Matchstick Hand Quilting (optional)
  • Decorating borders with free-motion quilting or decorative stitches
  • Binding with a terrific twist!
  • The Sulky, No-show, Magical Quilt Binding technique, too. (A separate bonus video included.)
  • And much, much more!



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