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The Entertainment Set - 3-D Table Topper

Date & Time
December 12, 2016 12:40 PM
Online (Google Map)
Class Information
The Entertainment Set - 3-D Table Topper
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Educator: Kelly Nagel
Event Information

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Let’s talk about the most atypical of the “Table Toppers” first…Kelly shows us how to make this attractive, stable, and re-sizable set of nesting table toppers for our kitchen, bath, sewing room, living room…really, anywhere you have stuff to store and want it to look pretty. And she includes some really couture types of touches to make them look very professional.

Techniques Include:

  • Making a quilt sandwich
  • Easy-peasy Meandering Stitching or Print Embellishment

(Free-motion or machine-fed, your choice)

  • The Magic of Decorative Threads
  • Metallic Threads and their secrets
  • Grading bulk away
  • Layering fabrics and using stabilizers for body and shape
  • Faux Piping
  • Edge-Stitching and Under-Stitching
  • Perfect Linings
  • Professional finishing tips
  • Proper feet for each technique
  • Tension adjustments if needed
  • Thread types and positioning on the machine
  • Bobbin threads
  • Needles
  • And much, much more!

Downloadable, printed patterns are provided in the course for this project to make yours turn out as pretty as ours.


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