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A 4 Week Course  Only $19 - Save $5 with coupon code: HSMM5 - expires 5/17

Class Starts - 5/17/2021 - 6/14/2021 - Regisgtration Ends 5/31/2021 

Kelly Nagel, will demonstrate the basic hand embroidery stitches and techniques you need to know to start stitching like a pro. When you learn how to use the right tools and a few stitches, the number of projects you can create is practically endless! You will enjoy making a modern mini-quilt (mug mat/rug) and wall art design in the process of learning the best tools for different projects and stitches.

Kelly has been doing hand embroidery for almost 40 years and has mastered the art of hand embroidery stitches and techniques. Kelly says, “There is nothing like a good old-fashioned mistake to help you figure out how to do something better. The best part is, with just a few simple tips and techniques, even a beginner can look like they have been stitching all their lives!” 

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What's Included:
  • Interact with the instructor and other students all year long.
  • Download and keep all videos, handouts, and patterns forever!

In this class, she will share with you the tricks she has learned to make hand embroidery fun, relaxing, always turn out beautifully, and how to make short work of the preparation process so you can get to stitching even quicker. She will also go over the important tools to use, and the key techniques to always remember when doing hand embroidery.

In addition to all the tips, tricks and shortcuts, you also get the patterns and full step-by-step instructions for a mug rug (mini-quilt) and a 3-D hand embroidery wall art project.

REMEMBER…you get to download and keep the instructions and videos forever! So there really is no timetable for this course once you do that. You work at your own pace and Sulky will help you anytime in the future with any questions you might have.

What You'll Learn:

Video 1 - Intro and Supplies

Kelly goes through what supplies you need

Video 2 - Mug Rug

  • Learn 10 different hand-embroidery stitches
  • How to transfer your pattern to fabric without tracing
  • How to turn corners seamlessly
  • How to do a perfect French knot
  • How to do a perfect stem stitch, even on a curve
  • How to start your hand-embroidery without tying a knot
  • How to do self-binding with perfect mitered corners every time
  • How to use embroidery stitches to finish off your project perfectly
  • Bonus: Instructions for a how to do a modern throw pillow with a basic running stitch.

Video 3 - Couching Wall Art

  • Learn 6 different couching stitches and techniques
  • Learn how to couch down different substrates
  • Learn how to make a mini tassel
  • How to frame wall art in a hoop and secure all the loose ends
  • How to do the chain stitch ‘in reverse’

Video 4 - Trunk Show
Get inspired by all the ways you can use your newfound hand embroidery skills!

A 4 Week Course  Only $19 - Save $5 with coupon code: HSMM5 - expires 5/17

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