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8 Week Course - Next Available Workshop TBD

One of the most popular Sulky live events is now available online! If you would love to gain the knowledge and confidence to embroider just about anything, then this Sulky Embroidery Zen course is the best possible way to accomplish that goal. In this class, you will gain the knowledge of how to obtain the very best results and make embroidering on your machine easy and professional looking. All of the projects can be completed with a 4 x 4 hoop. 

Sue Hausmann, world-renowned embroidery and sewing machine expert, and Ellen Osten, will lead you on your Zen journey. This powerhouse team will teach you more about successful machine embroidery than you ever imagined you could learn.

You will learn: How to evaluate a project, master stitching techniques, understand the differences between 12 Wt - 60 Wt. thread, color blending, tee-shirt and towel embroidery, adding dimension using puffy foam, free-standing lace and create special effects with specialty threads. Scroll down for more details.

Zen I supply list and kits 
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  • Create more than 11 projects which include 13 embroidery designs and two complete initial alphabets
  • Learn on your own machine
  • Co-instruction by Sue Hausmann 
  • Access to download all course materials and videos for 3 months (yes, even the videos are downloadable - A Sulky Exclusive!)
  • Access to communicate for 2 months with Sulky faculty
  • More than 15 FREE bonus designs (including 2 complete alphabets - One for Puffy Foam)
Relax - T-Shirt Embroidery
Choose one of our two design choices and embroider your own T-shirt. Learn to properly hoop a knit and finish a knit for the ultimate comfort.
Guest Towel - Color Blending
Combine the appeal of multi-colored Blendables® thread in a heavier, rich 30 weight with the simplicity of running stitches.
Totally Terrific Towels
Learn a technique that combines two stabilizers to get professional results. Plus, tips on topping removal and programming for towels in general.
Two skills, one project - working with the Holoshimmer™ specialty metallic thread and embroidering a small item. Unhoopable - a small unhoopable item.
Girly Shoe Luggage Tag
Learn practical skills with 2 stabilizers, Sulky Fuse 'n Stitch™ and Sticky Fabri-Solvy™, as well as appliqué techniques and in-the-hoop construction.
Free-Standing Quilt Label
Customize your creations with professional labels with a completely overcast border and beautiful small lettering with Sulky PolyLite™ 60 Wt.
Rayon - Facts and Fiction
See the real beauty of rayon as we compare and contrast the differences between rayon and synthetic thread.
More Amazing Lace Part II
Explore lace skills with Sulky Original Metallic Thread and Ultra Solvy. Learn about thread construction, digitizing and handling techniques.
Cosmetic Tote
Make this cosmetic tote, learn how to anchor items that are hard to hoop and how to manipulate a variety of difficult items and hold them securely.
Take Your Embroidery to New Heights
Learn what kind of designs work best with Puffy Foam, and the best thread and stabilizer types to use.
Amazing Lace
The most recommended base for free-standing lace, Sulky Ultra Solvy™. Learn when to use film-type or fabric-type water solubles for lace designs.
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