Sit & Sew Workshop - The Magic of Free-Motion Information

Learn how easy and fun it is to use all of our glamorous threads you see on award winning quilts. Your quilts, wall-hangings and wearable art can all be just as dazzling and exciting as the “experts’! A Sulky National Educator will demonstrate and teach various free-motion techniques using all of the threads provided in your kit. Scroll down for more details.

Kit Contains: 8 spools of Sulky Decorative thread, 4 Sulky Stabilizers, fabric, batting and 14/90 metallic needle

If you would like to host an event, please contact us at 1-800-874-4115 ext. 176 or

Upcoming Class Schedule

Date Class Location Info
Guild Event Lake Katrine, NY


  • 1/2 day workshop
  • Contact the guild that is hosting the event to sign up
Free-Motion Techniques
Demonstrations of various free-motion techniques with many applications.
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