Fabric Tissue Box Cover

Fabric TissueBox Cover
This is a wonderful way to use up your quilting scraps. It takes just a few minutes to make, and presto! - you´ve got a tissue box that matches the beautiful quilt that you just made. They´re so quick and easy, you could make one for every holiday by just using different holiday fabrics. If you have computerized machine embroidery capability, it´s a wonderful way to showcase your designs.
  • 16" x 19" piece of fabric
    If quilting the fabric, use a larger piece of fabric
    and cut it down to 16" x 20" after quilting.
  • 24" piece of ribbon
  • Sulky 30 wt. Rayon Thread, matching or decorative for casing
  • Good quality Sewing Thread
  • Fray Check™ (optional)
Optional embroidery:
  • Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Threads
  • 9" square of Totally Stable
  • 9" square of Sulky Tear-Easy
  • Amazing Designs Embroidery Card #AD3000
    "Inspirational Concepts in Sulky"
    Designed by Joyce Drexler;
    "Winter Scenes" #23 
    Designed by Carol Ingram for Cactus Punch.
1. Iron a 9" square of Totally Stable onto the wrong side of the 16" high x 19" wide fabric, 2" from the bottom and in the center. Mark placement of design. (Ethel placed her 3" high tree design 5" from the bottom and 9" from the side which was the middle of a 4" hoop.) Hoop fabric with Sulky Tear-Easy Stabilizer underneath, and embroider your chosen de-sign with Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Threads. Remove stabilizers. Note: To use a larger design, like one of Joyce´s "Inspirational Concepts in Sulky Designs" which are about 4" square, position the bottom of the design about 3" from the bottom of the 16" x 19" fabric.
2. Clean-finish only the top by turning it under 1/4" and stitching it down.
3. Fold it lengthwise, right sides together, and sew the lengthwise edges together. Then sew the bottom raw edges together.
4. Turn down the top edge 3", wrong sides together, press, and then sew along the clean-finished edge with a zig-zag or straight stitch using Sulky 30 wt. Rayon Thread. To form the casing, measure up 1" from this stitching, mark with a chalk marker, and then straight stitch across it. Measure up 1/2" from this stitched line and add another straight stitched line.
5. To make contoured corners, with wrong sides together, fold the top edge in half lengthwise and bar-tack at the open end (not the top, folded end) in the seam allowance.
6. Turn right side out. Using your seam line as the center back, mark the center front point in the casing. Carefully cut a small hole in the first layer of fabric only. Do not cut through the second fabric. Apply Fray Check, if desired. When it is dry, insert the ribbon. Place a tissue box inside, draw up the ribbon, and make a bow. What a quick gift to make.