Pinnacle Table Runner

Vanessa Wilson, aka Crafty Gemini will show you how to brighten up your table top with the Pinnacle Table Runner. There is no wasting of fabric when you use precut fabrics and a 5" slicer ruler. Have fun adding quilting details with the Crafty Gemini 12 wt. Cotton Petites Thread Collection, either by hand or machine. This project is super fun and easy to make!

You Will Learn How To:  Use Sulky PolyLite Thread to achieve precise piecing, Use Vanessa’s very own 5” Slicer Ruler and learn how easy it is to create a fast and easy Pinnacle Table Runner, Be inspired to let your creativity take over as you see some of the design layout possibilities, See Vanessa’s Crafty Gemini Sulky Thread Collection, Use Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Petite Thread to do beautiful hand quilting, or if you prefer use Sulky 12 Wt. Cotton Petite Thread in your sewing machin to create bold quilting lines, Learn many other tips and tricks that Vanessa uses to get amazing results.

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Be Inspired!
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Create a fast and easy Pinnacle Table Runner
Vanessa Wilson,
aka Crafty Gemini
Precut fabrics with the Crafty Gemini - 5" Slicer Quilting Ruler
Work with Vanessa's thread collection