Sulky Educator - Nancy Sapin

Nancy Sapin comes from a family of creative sewers, a grandmother who was a seamstress and a mother who made all of her Barbie doll clothes, then later, all of Nancy's. While Nancy learned to sew when she was very young, she really began sewing in earnest when she was in her early 20's. After having 3 children, sewing and crafts took a back seat to owning and operating an electronic assembly business. She employed and taught women, both in groups and individually, the art of hand winding and assembling electronic coils and transformers. During this period of time, she honed her skills of teaching, precision, patience, scheduling, and dedication toward quality and creativity.
After running her own business for 17 years, when the company for whom she was assembling electronic parts moved their operation offshore, she closed her business and moved to Asheville, NC, where she began a college education. Here, Nancy learned when she tutored fellow students while taking the same class, that you learn more yourself when you teach others. Nancy joined a Nationwide Business Leadership Club, Phi Beta Lambda and served as their Western Region Vice President in her senior year, while winning many State and National competitions. She received numerous awards, including Business Student of the Year, and graduated with highest honors.
Nancy has now come back full circle to sewing. She moved to Franklin, NC, after meeting and marrying her husband, David, in 2004.  In 2006, she began sewing Sulky samples for use at Sulky Sew Exciting Seminars, Certification Trainings and in Consumer and Trade show booths.  Nancy has been a National Freelance Educator and designer for Sulky of America since 2007. She has presented numerous Sew Exciting Seminars, Quilt Guild presentations & Sit & Sew classes.  She co-taught Sulky Teacher Certification Trainings, taught and lectured at various national AQS, ASE & OSQE events besides conducting countless Freelance teaching events. Her designs have been published in numerous Sulky books: "Sew, Craft, Quilt & Embroider Confidently with Sulky Stabilizers" (#900-B19), "Fun with Sulky Blendables and Solid Color Cotton Threads" (#900-B21), and Sulky's newest Book "Embellish your Life with Sulky" (#900-B22). Nancy's positive “can do” attitude allows her to accomplish the goals she sets before herself and brings fun and enthusiasm into the classroom.