I loved the project you showed, but I have not had any success in finding the fabrics you used. What do you suggest?

Unfortunately, fabrics do not stay in the line much more than six months, so by the time we publish or film a project, the fabrics are often gone. We have tried to encourage fabric companies to keep the fabrics longer when we know we will be promoting that fabric group, but most have not responded well to those suggestions so far.

We hope our readers and viewers will take our techniques and ideas and adapt them to what fabrics are available at the time they read the book or see the program. The programs frequently run for several years and the books are available for many years, so it's not even reasonable to hope the fabrics can still be found.

Fabric has an amazingly short life, it seems. I guess that's a curse and blessing. Like the sign says in the store I shop in: "Buy it now, it won't be here when you come back." The short lifespan of fabric allows us a never-ending palette of fabric to choose from, but a very short time to buy that fabric. I'm sure glad Sulky thread isn't that way.