Can I use Sulky 12 wt. or 30 wt. Cotton for built-in decorative stitches on my machine?

Anytime you want a heavier, denser fill-in, and a more visible thread, Sulky 30 wt. Cotton Thread should be your thread of choice. The 12 wt. Cotton can be a little too heavy to use with decorative stitches since they are not digitized for heavier than 30 wt. It is fast becoming the favorite of quilters around the world because of its strength and the matte sheen of its natural fiber.

It is available in 66 Solid Cotton Colors and 84 Cotton Blendables in both weights. The 12 wt. comes on a 330 yd. kingsize spool, and the 30 wt. has 500 yds. on a kingsize. Both weights are also available on Jumbo Cones.