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Are you asking yourself, "Why would I want to become a Sulky Certified Teacher, NOW of all times?".

While these economic times are creating challenges for everyone, they are also creating great opportunities. If you have a job you don't like or that is unstable; if you have the need to supplement your income or if there has been a change in your family's earning potential, now is the time for you to do what you love, and we will help you be successful at it when you attend a Sulky Certified Teacher Training Class.

Perhaps you are facing retirement without the retirement income you anticipated? Becoming a free lance Certified Sulky Teacher is a wonderful way to supplement your income while having the fun you've been looking forward to in retirement. If you already teach, enhance your credentials with the Sulky name.

You can ease into it. It's not an either/or choice. You can still keep your regular job and begin this rewarding career. During most recessions throughout the last 40 years the sewing industry has usually been spared the economic hard times that other industries experience because non-sewers and occasional-sewers turn to creative sewing to save money by making gifts, clothing, and other "luxuries" that have now become less affordable.

From another perspective, sewing becomes the "escape" we all need while juggling family needs, personal issues, and the day-to-day stress of living... even without these economic issues before us.

While our valuable program is certainly geared towards teaching you how to teach creative sewing classes successfully and profitably, it is by no means attended only by budding teachers. (From our surveys which follow the events, it appears that about half of the attendees do currently teach or intend to teach in the future). Anyone who loves to sew and learn can and should attend; many attendees come for the fun and camaraderie (and there is lots of both). There is nothing quite like being with "like-minded" people and sharing your passion. Even if you do not have future plans to teach at this time, life changes on a dime, and preparation is the mother of opportunity.

All Sulky Certified Teacher Training Classes are taught by highly qualified, well-respected Sulky National Educators. The opportunity and status associated with the "Sulky" brand name that you get as a "Sulky Certified Teacher" is immeasurable. Getting in the door as a teacher in your favorite store or guild is half the battle. Give yourself a "leg-up" and a "jump-start" on the other would-be teachers out there by having behind you the credentials of a well-established, well-respected, quality-driven (education oriented) company.

Of all of the other available teacher training programs, why would you want to choose Sulky as you follow your dream? In the minds of home embroiderers, quilters and sewers all over the U.S. and Canada, Sulky is as synonymous to Decorative Thread as Kleenex is to Tissue. Many programs are geared just towards quilting or heirloom or other specialties. Sulky tries to include all kinds of different techniques that will appeal to everyone and hopefully you can cull those techniques to fit your specific geographic area or your particular interests.

Sulky has achieved this preeminence in the marketplace by developing wide-spread consumer awareness, trust and brand loyalty through a bold, vigorous, ongoing, 25-year education program that is unparalleled in the industry.

Each year, for the last 17 years, Sulky's highly skilled, National Educators have taught (face-to-face) upwards of 100,000 consumers about Sulky products and techniques at Sulky "Sew Exciting"™ Seminars in retail stores and at up to 45 major consumer shows all across the country. We are just now introducing our 10th "Sew Exciting" seminar based on our latest book at the printer now, specifically geared towards independent sewing stores: "Fun with Sulky Blendables and Solid Color Cottons". These events are taught by the Sulky National Educators who also teach the Certified Teacher Trainings.

Through the years, Sulky has educated countless consumers by being a major co-sponsor of 8 National PBS TV Sewing Shows, with Sulky products being used and shown on most segments of:

  • America Sews with Sue Hausmann
  • Martha's Sewing Room - Martha Pullen
  • Sew Creative & Quilt Central - Donna Wilder
  • Quilting from the Heartland - Sharlene Jorgenson
  • Needle Arts Studio - Shay Pendray
  • Quilting with Fons & Porter
  • Kaye's Quilting Friends - Kaye Wood
  • Quilting Arts TV - Patricia Bolton
  • Sew It All - Ellen March
  • And now on the internet:
    Quilting Celebrations - Patrick Lose

    For many years you have seen Sulky's full-page ads in numerous issues of these 14 consumer magazines:

    * Sew News * Sewing Savvy * Quilters Newsletter * Quilting Arts * Sew Beautiful *
    * Embroidery Journal * Quiltmaker * ASG Notions * Quick & Easy Quilting *
    * Creative Machine Embroidery * Creative Needle * Designs in Machine Embroidery *
    * McCall's Quilting * Quilters Home * Sew It All *

    Sulky educates through its very active website that features frequent, new, FREE projects, answers to frequently asked questions, and great consumer service through A monthly e-mail consumer newsletter updates consumers on new products, programs and educational opportunities.

    Sulky educates by publishing dynamic, timely books that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. For 10 years, Sulky educated by conducting an annual "Sulky Challenge" Contest that each year awarded up to $70,000 in cash and prizes, and resulted in 5 Sulky Challenge Traveling Collections that were annually seen by hundreds of thousands of consumers. And now, we co-sponsor the Hoffman Challenge, as both Hoffman and Sulky celebrate their 25th year in the business.

    So, this is the year to join us in our long-standing commitment to creative sewing education. It can be the answer for you and your family right now, for your future, and for our future generations to come.

    It will be our pleasure to help you succeed. You can address specific questions to me at

    Wishing you a successful, profitable, and creative future,

    Patti Lee, Vice President, Consumer Relations
    Ellen Osten, Director of Education
    Our wonderful Sulky National Educators and the Entire team at Sulky of America

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