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sulky thread
sulky polylite embroidery thread
NEW!! SULKY 60 wt. PolyLite™ Thread

Quilters love new Sulky PolyLite because it flows like butter through a long-arm or domestic sewing machine with virtually no tension adjustments needed. Perfect for micro-stippling or fine detail quilting and more accurate piecing. Predictable one-inch color changes in the multi-colors add interest and "forgiveness" to your quilting. Can be used top and bobbin for less frequent bobbin changes. Nearly invisible on bindings and stitching in the ditch. It's the perfect companion bobbin thread for Sulky Metallics, Rayons and Invisible Threads.

The ideal thread for heirloom sewing, nearly invisible hand or machine appliqué, wing-needle work, exquisite fine thread lace, trapunto and more. Doesn't shrink, fray or break easily. Creates delicate decorative stitches, and crisp, readable lettering. It looks and feels like silk, but it is stronger and less expensive.

A size 10/70 or 11/75 machine needle is recommended. It is colorfast, bleachable, and both washable and dry cleanable.

Available in 36 solid and 24 multi-colors:

Solid color 440 yd. small snap-spools: $3.99 sugg. retail
Multi-color 440 yd. small snap-spools: $4.99 sugg. retail
Solid color 1,650 yd. Mini-Cones $7.49 sugg. retail
Multi-color 1,650 yd. Mini-Cones $11.99 sugg. retail

Free-Motion Quilting:

  • Flows like butter through the machine.
  • Lint-free.
  • Maintains more even tension. Virtually no tension adjustments when quilting on long-arm or domestic machines
  • Awesome Micro-stippling.
  • Fine detail quilting.
  • Short, predictable one-inch color increments add interest and "forgiveness" to your quilting.
  • Perfect for quilt piecing because using this fine thread in the seam means much more accurate piecing, and it doesn't pull out like other 60 wt. threads.
  • Colorfast and bleachable - perfect for all quilts including children's and baby quilts.
  • Because it is so fine, greater yardage can be wound on your bobbins, so less bobbin winding, and the backs of your quilts look as pretty as the front.
  • PolyLite is a very strong, smooth thread that runs flawlessly, which results in perfect stitch formation and consistency even at high speeds.
Designer and long-arm quilter, Evelyn Byler says: "This fine thread allows detailed patterns to maintain their definition, even when densely quilted. It has wonderful tone-on-tone for textured background fills. Even the brightest PolyLite multi-color thread can add a spark of contrast without overpowering the other elements of a quilt.

And…I was surprised that it is perfect for piecing, and it doesn't pull out like some other 60 wt. threads I've tried. Using this fine thread in the seam, means much more accurate piecing."

Other Uses:
  • Almost invisible hand-appliqué and flawless machine appliqué. Smooth, fine, PolyLite 60 wt. Thread just disappears, allowing the fabric to lie flat with the stitches virtually hidden. Get perfect curves and crisp points every time.
  • PolyLite looks and feels like silk, but it is stronger and much less expensive!
  • Create gorgeous heirloom sewing on laces and entredeaux, batiste, organdy, netting, linen and more.
  • Perfect for wing-needle work and to make exquisite fine thread lace and intricate trapunto.
  • Ideal for small, fine, computerized embroidery designs, or for designs that you stitch on lightweight, soft fabrics.
  • Strong, 2-ply Sulky PolyLite polyester thread is perfect for doing nearly invisible bindings on quilts - by hand or by machine! Judges love it!
  • Do amazing invisible stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.
  • Get amazing results using PolyLite on a serger.
  • Wonderful for delicate counted cross-stitching.

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As a Bobbin Thread:

  • Because it is so fine and available in so many colors, Sulky PolyLite on the bobbin virtually melds with the top thread so that you can hardly tell where they intertwine. You can sew even the most delicate stitches without the bobbin thread showing which makes it perfect for small, intricate designs.
  • It is the ideal companion for all types of top threads including Sulky 40 wt. Poly Deco, Sulky 40 wt. Rayon, All Sulky Metallics, and Sulky Invisible. Its silky finish allows it to glide smoothly to form the perfect stitch.
  • Now you have 36 solid bobbin colors that work perfectly on top, too!
  • And, because you can put so much on a bobbin, less bobbin winding! :)
  • Because Sulky PolyLite is made from the highest quality, 100 percent polyester that won't shrink, fray or break easily, it is an economical and versatile addition to your thread collection.
Other attributes:
  • 36 beautiful, silky, solid colors. 24 contemporary multi-colors and, because you asked for it, many of them are modeled after the incredibly popular Sulky Cotton Blendables.
  • All colors are available on 440 yd. small snap-end spools, and 1,650 yd. Mini-Cones with one snap-end. Sulky Mini-Cones are specifically engineered to work well on the horizontal spool pin of a domestic sewing machine so they don't wobble, which allows the perfect flow of thread.
  • Ideal for computerized designs that are digitized for 60 wt. thread, and for machines that prefer 60 wt. thread on the top or bobbin. Do a test stitch-out to see if your design needs to be reduced slightly. Many designs just look lighter and softer without a size reduction.
  • Lettering and fine details look crisp, sharp and easy-to-read with Sulky PolyLite.
  • When using PolyLite for decorative stitching, you may want to shorten the stitch length slightly so that you get a more solid fill-in on some designs. (Most decorative stitches are digitized for 40 wt. thread, but adapt beautifully to PolyLite 60 wt. thread by slightly shortening the stitch length.)

Prefix + Color Code = Art Number
(for example 972-1001 is a 440-yard spool of Bright White 60 wt. PolyLite)

Sulky 60wt PolyLite Thread - Solid-Colors
972- 440-yard small spool MSRP: $ 3.99 per spool
974- 1650-yard Mini-Cone MSRP: $ 7.49 per spool
Sulky 60wt PolyLite Thread - Multi-Colors
972- 440-yard small spool MSRP: $ 4.99 per spool
974- 1,650-yard Mini-Cone MSRP: $ 11.99 per spool
All Sulky spools are snap-end spools
Actual colors may vary slightly from graphic below.

PolyLite Solid Colors
36 colors
Bright White 1001
Bright White

Black 1005

Steel Gray 1011
Steel Gray

Peach 1019

Dark Peach 1020
Dark Peach

Med. Blue 1029
Med. Blue

Dk. Burgundy 1035
Dk. Burgundy

Bright Navy Blue 1042
Bright Navy Blue

Lt. Teal 1045
Lt. Teal

Christmas Green 1051
Christmas Green

Tawny Tan 1055
Tawny Tan

Dk. Tawny Tan 1057
Dk. Tawny Tan

Tangerine 1078

Ecru 1082

Pastel Yellow-Green 1104
Pastel Yellow-Green

Pale Pink 1120
Pale Pink

Tan 1126

Dk. Ecru 1128
Dk. Ecru

Brown 1129

Pastel Yellow 1135
Pastel Yellow

Christmas Red 1147
Christmas Red

Dk. Avocado 1175
Dk. Avocado

Med. Dk. Avocado 1176
Med. Dk. Avocado

Avocado 1177

Mimosa Yellow 1187
Mimosa Yellow

Lavender 1193

Lt. Purple 1194
Lt. Purple

Dk. Purple 1195
Dk. Purple

Charcoal Gray 1220
Charcoal Gray

Lt. Baby Blue 1222
Lt. Baby Blue

Bright Pink 1224
Bright Pink

Pastel Pink 1225
Pastel Pink

Dk. Sapphire 1253
Dk. Sapphire

Aquamarine 1442

Lime Green 1510
Lime Green

Deep Rose 1511
Deep Rose

PolyLite Multi-Colors
24 colors
Baby Shower 5001
Baby Shower

Golden Sun 5002
Golden Sun

Tropical Sunrise 5003
Tropical Sunrise

Confetti 5004

Lilac Field 5005
Lilac Field

Fuchsia 5006

American Flag 5007
American Flag

Strawberry Shortcake 5008
Strawberry Shortcake

Baby Blanket 5009
Baby Blanket

Sunny Meadow 5010
Sunny Meadow

Blueberry Shake 5011
Blueberry Shake

Stormy Blue 5012
Stormy Blue

Lime Citrus 5013
Lime Citrus

Golden Green 5014
Golden Green

Teal Tango 5015
Teal Tango

Earth & Sky 5016
Earth & Sky

Butter Pecan 5017
Butter Pecan

Creamy Toffee 5018
Creamy Toffee

Chocolate Mousse 5019
Chocolate Mousse

Rainforest 5020

Blue Heather 5021
Blue Heather

Purple Rain 5022
Purple Rain

Mardi Gras 5023
Mardi Gras

Salt & Pepper 5024
Salt & Pepper

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