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New Sulky Cotton Colors (10/2014)

Embellish Your Life With Sulky (02/2014)

This full-color, 136-page book features over 25 must-have techniques in a journal format ideal for teachers to teach and consumers to learn. It's unique because it is technique oriented, not project oriented, including a fabulous Designer Gallery showing gorgeous, finished examples of how each technique can be used. The practical wire-O binding keeps it laying flat on a worktable as a ready reference.

See more info here.


There are still a few openings remaining in the second offering of the Magical Thread Art course, and although it's underway, everyone is having so much fun, we decided to extend the registration window to give you one last chance to join in. You can still save $100 by registering before February 23rd. You will still have plenty of time to complete 7 or more projects by May 1st (that's less than one per week).
Even though our live events are no longer being offered, you can still become a Sulky Certified Teacher using this new, video instruction method. You'll still enjoy all the benefits of our live events without having to travel or pack your sewing room. National Sulky Educators show you, step-by-step, how to accomplish far more than you ever thought you could. Keep checking back because we have a lot more in store for you as we roll out this new vision for our Sulky Certified Teacher program.
To learn more about this exciting, new way to become a Sulky Certified Teacher, click here now.
3 New Slimline Storage Box Collections (12/2013)

3 New Slimline Storage Box Collections
with Embroidery Design CD's from the Sulky Embroidery Club

These fabulous thread collections combine very popular machine embroidery designs from designers Joyce Drexler and Sue Hausmann with the threads needed to sew them! You will enjoy having all of the necessary threads in one collection while saving up to $63.53 per collection! PLUS two of the collections include FREE projects further increasing the value.

Cotton Petites Six Packs (01/2014)

10 More Sulky 12 Wt. Cotton Petites Six Packs

Now in assortments of the Four Seasons, Redwork, Neutrals,
Blendables, as well as some to coordinate with popular handwork
designer patterns!

Retail if sold separately - $10.14
MSRP - $8.99

Sulky Prewound Bobbin Tubes (03/2014)

Offering convenience and quality, these 60 wt. continuous filament polyester, plastic-sided bobbins are virtually lint free and are the perfect weight for most every sewing, quilting, or embroidery project. Available in 4 colors in both type "A" and the very popular "L" style.

"L" Style Tubes have BLUE labels & contain 5 bobbins with 120 yds. per bobbin.
"A" Style Tubes have PURPLE labels & contain 4 bobbins with 131 yds. per bobbin.

MSRP - $3.99 per tube

Sulky Cotton Petites (01/2013)


To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, Sulky of America recently introduced a fabulous NEW line of Sulky 12 wt. Cotton "Petites" Thread. These smaller 50 yd. snap-end spools of 80 dynamic colors of premium quality Sulky 12 wt. Long Staple, Egyptian Cotton Thread were especially created for the myriad of you who love Hand Embroidery, Quilting, and Applique, as well as numerous other Hand Crafts such as:

Cross Stitch, Crazy Patchwork, Couching, Hand Sashiko, Blanket Stitch, Needlepunch, Candlewicking, Smocking, Heirloom Sewing, Redwork, and also Bobbin Work.

Since one strand of Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Thread is equivalent to two strands of typical floss, the huge benefits are:

  • You don't have to separate any floss;
  • There is no tangling;
  • You can cut any length you want; and
  • Storage is tidy with no loss of color identity.

    You will also love the fact that this smaller 50 yd. Sulky Petite spool has a suggested retail price that is almost three-fourths less than the price of the same Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Thread on a 330 yd. spool. See colors.

    Sulky Cotton Petites can be found at Independent Sewing, Quilting or Craft Retailers all over the United States and Canada. Click here for sources.

  • Stick 'n Carve (11/2013)

    Sulky Stick 'n Carve™

    Stick 'n Carve is the first, truly-new innovation for carvers at all skill levels because it completely eliminates one, age-old, bothersome, time-consuming, un-fun part of the Pumpkin Carving process.

    No one actually likes to tape a flat pattern onto a round surface, and then try to transfer that pattern onto the round surface before beginning to carve. Now, they no longer have to!!

    Simply Print or Copy a design onto a sheet of Stick 'n Carve, Peel off the release sheet, Stick it on a pumpkin, and Carve.

    It stays on securely through the whole carving process, then wipes off easily with a wet cloth when you are done.

    It is absolutely the quickest, easiest, and most fun way for the whole family to carve.

    Stick 'n Carve, Art # 457-30, is available now for only $3.99 for 3 sheets.

    You will continue to enjoy Stick 'n Carve long after Halloween is over because it is also perfect for Fruit Carving, Vegetable Carving, Wood Carving, and other Carving Crafts.

    42 New cotton blendables (09/01/11)

    New Sulky Book
    "Fun with Sulky Blendables and Solid Color Cotton Threads" (#900-B21)

    Once again, Joyce has compiled the most amazing array of projects for her latest book. Many well known designers have again contributed some truly beautiful projects to this book. With the focus on Sulky Cotton Blendables and Sulky Solid Color Cottons which are exclusively sold to independent stores, this 104-page, full-color book is jam-packed full of ideas and techniques that will excite and motivate you. AND… now there are a total of 126 magnificent Blendables in both 12 wt. and 30 wt.!

    Here are some of the amazing projects in this new book which are virtually all done with Blendables and Solid Color Cottons, along with a few other Sulky Threads for accents: (Click here to see more projects from the book with photos.)

  • Pumpkin Market Tote by Carol Ingram - featuring Paper Piecing on Paper Solvy, 3-D Padded Leaves, and many other fun techniques.

  • Team Quilt by Bev Morris of Abigayles Quiltery in Olmsted Falls, OH. This is her favorite fund-raising quilt which is perfect for all those "teams" and charity events in everyone's life! You will love her personalizing techniques and beautiful quilting with Sulky 30 wt. Cotton Blendables.

  • The Perfect Cover Up by Eric Drexler, National Sulky Educator - an easy and fun vase cover that stretches and fits over a bud vase. Another wonderful, fearless way to teach free-motion. Eric always makes it "sew easy".

  • And then, to really knock your socks off, Sulky Designer, Evelyn Byler has made the most magnificent shawl on her long-arm machine. Evelyn has done some amazing thread work over the years, but this is by far the most beautiful. It can be done on a home sewing machine too (just not as quickly), but oh my… it is luscious! You will fall in love with Blendables all over again!

  • And wait! Still another incredible project from Evelyn! A wonderful variety of 3-D leaves totally made with Blendables and other Sulky Threads in an array of colors and sizes, mounted on a cabinet door (really!), with cup hooks added underneath to make the most beautiful key holder you will ever see.

  • Nancy Sapin, National Educator for Sulky, and famous for her corded projects, has designed a really durable and beautiful Shoulder Bag that uses her special corded technique and gorgeous batik fabrics. Featuring the Blendables and Sulky Fuse 'n Stitch, this is the next step in corded projects.





  • Pine Scrub at Cathedral Rock by fiber artist Chris Eichner, will take your breath away. If you like landscapes, this one is "to die for"! Chris makes it easy and fun using Sulky Super Solvy, NEW Soft 'n Sheer Extra, and Fabri-Solvy along with at least 7 Blendables and numerous 40 wt. Rayons, Holoshimmer and more. WOW! The fabrics are so pretty, and the threadwork is so very dimensional.

  • Artist and Designer, Linda Visnaw, created a wonderful Tsukineko Ink placemat and napkin project that is simple and elegant; but wait until you see how it comes alive when it is free-motion embroidered with Sulky Blendables. This one is for your artsy people; and even for those who think they aren't, this is such a fun project. Linda taught this at the seminar training event for our National Educators, and all of us caught the fever! Extensive "painting" instructions are on the CD and video links, too!

    Click here to see lots of dynamic photos of the projects from the new book.

    Based on the newest 104-page book by Joyce Drexler, "Fun with Sulky Blendables and Solid Color Cotton Threads" (900-B21) this is a fun-filled, 2-1/2 hour program of tips, techniques, step-by-step projects and beautiful samples.

    This seminar has maximum emphasis on the 12 wt. and 30 wt. Sulky Blendables and Solid Color Cottons, which are exclusive to INDEPENDENT Sewing and Quilting Stores Only! We are also introducing 42 MORE new colors of Blendables with this seminar! There is a wonderful array of original and exciting projects including quilting, home dec, wearables, free-motion work, corded projects, lots of serger projects, hand work, and some truly amazing Designer Art Projects that will knock your socks off!

    You will be "sew" inspired to make many of these fun and easy projects using the hugely popular Sulky Blendables and Cottons!

    It's time to have FUN WITH SULKY BLENDABLES! Click here to learn more about this fun seminar.

    REAL thread chart (06/01/11)
    A new REAL thread chart for our Rayon, PolyDeco, and PolyLite lines is here! Select that perfect matching color of Sulky Rayon, Poly Deco, or PolyLite with a Sulky Color Card which has a generous amount of real thread samples of 388 colors of Sulky 40 wt. Rayon, all 102 colors of Sulky 30 wt. Rayon, all 24 Multi colors of PolyLite, as well as the 8 neon Sulky Poly Deco colors. The 130 solid colors of Poly Deco are denoted by their Rayon counterpart as are the 36 solid color of PolyLite. Real swatches of the White and Black Bobbin thread and Clear and Smoke Invisible are also on this card. Suggested price is $15.00.

    This thread chart is an invaluable tool to help you choose the right color, or oftentimes, the NEXT right color if you don't have the perfect color in your stash. It can save you hours of frustration when doing computerized embroidery!

    New! Sulky Book -
    "Sew, Craft, Quilt and Embroider Confidently, with Sulky Stabilizers!"

    by Joyce Drexler Nationally recognized Machine Arts Expert, Creative Director and co-founder of Sulky of America.

    This long-awaited, ultimate guide for stabilizing is finally here. With 200 full-color pages and a CD packed with even more exciting projects, designs, tips and recipes, this is the must-have book of the year, maybe the decade. Our last stabilizer book, Sulky Secrets to Successful Stabilizing (#900B-11), was published in 1994 and has been our best-selling book ever. Since 1994, we have added 11 new stabilizers, and lots of threads and other products. Sewing machines are more computerized and more sophisticated than ever. Keeping up-to-date on all the new products and possibilities can be overwhelming. But not anymore! We've made it easy for you.


    Sew, Craft, Quilt and Embroider Confidently with Sulky Stabilizers (#900B-19).

    40 Experts show you the most up-to-date uses for all of Sulky's Stabilizers.

    Follow their easy-to-understand
    Recipes for Success
    Which show you how to get perfect results on virtually any fabric.

    Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens in 4-Pack and 8-Pack Handy Containers! (08/20/10)

    Because so many of you have asked, we now have our exclusive Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens available in 4-color packs and 8-color packs for you. These value-priced assortments come in unique, re-closable "screw top" clear tubes that hang on pegboard or slat wall, and provide a nice storage container. Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens have always been great for transferring patterns onto just about any surface that can take a hot iron. They are perfect for fabric painting, needlepunch, hand embroidery, appliqué, and many more crafty techniques. With these new Value Packs, you can now get the most popular colors or the entire collection while saving as much as 16% off of the individual retail price.

    For more information on the Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens or to view a "How-To" video, click here.



    Sulky has introduced 2 new stabilizers since we published the hugely popular, An Updated Supplement to Sulky's Secrets to Successful Stabilizing - Book 900B-17, and a total of 11 new stabilizers since we published, Sulky Secrets to Successful Stabilizing - Book #900B-11.

    New! Sulky Soft 'n Sheer Extra™ Iron-on, Cut-Away Stabilizer (08/20/10)

    Sulky Soft 'n Sheer Extra is 1-1/2 times as heavy as original Soft 'n Sheer with the added convenience of having a fusible, iron-on coating. This time-saving, mid-weight, cut-away is the perfect choice when you want a cut-away that is a little heavier than Soft 'n Sheer, but not as heavy as Cut-Away Plus. Iron it onto the wrong side of your fabric, using a low temperature of about 260¼. This makes it perfect for more delicate fabrics that don't like high heat. On mid-weight knits, use one layer of Soft 'n Sheer Extra rather than two layers of the original Soft 'n Sheer. And since you iron it on, your fabric will not distort when you hoop it. It is also a wonderful backing for embellishing pillow tops, and as an interfacing in garments that you simply want to remain cool and light. When we don't want fleece or batting in a quilted garment, this is the perfect alternative.

    New! Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy™ Water Soluble and NOW Printable Stabilizer (08/20/10)

    Sticky Fabri-Solvy works just the same as Fabri-Solvy only it has a wonderful self-stick back, which is accessed by removing a release sheet. It's like magic for turned appliqués: Stitch it, turn it, and stick it. It holds items in place for hoopless and reversible embroidery. Ideal for accurate placement of loose items when making scarves or thread collages. Photocopy your designs onto it, then peel off the release sheet and stick the design in place for hand embroidery, appliqué, needlepunch, machine and hand quilting. With no paper component, it washes away quickly and completely every time!

    For your photocopying convenience, it also comes in 8-1/2" x 11" sheets.

    NEW!! SULKY 60 wt. PolyLite™ Thread (08/20/10)
    Quilters love new Sulky PolyLite because it flows like butter through a long-arm or domestic sewing machine with virtually no tension adjustments needed. Perfect for micro-stippling or fine detail quilting and more accurate piecing. Predictable one-inch color changes in the multi-colors add interest and "forgiveness" to your quilting. Can be used top and bobbin for less frequent bobbin changes. Nearly invisible on bindings and stitching in the ditch. It's the perfect companion bobbin thread for Sulky Metallics, Rayons and Invisible Threads.

    The ideal thread for heirloom sewing, nearly invisible hand or machine appliqué, wing-needle work, exquisite fine thread lace, trapunto and more. Doesn't shrink, fray or break easily. Creates delicate decorative stitches, and crisp, readable lettering. It looks and feels like silk, but it is stronger and less expensive.

    A size 10/70 or 11/75 machine needle is recommended. It is colorfast, bleachable, and both washable and dry cleanable.

    Available in 36 solid and 24 multi-colors: 440 yd. solid color, small snap-spools: $3.99 sugg. retail 1,650 yd. Maxi-spools $7.49 sugg. retail Multi-colors: $4.99 and $11.99 respectively, sugg. retail

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