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Thread Sketching Free-Motion Basics/Couching & Creating a Landscape

Date & Time
March 20, 2018 9:00 AM
Class Information
Sit & Sew Workshop - Basic Thread Sketching & Couching
One-Day Workshop
Educator: Eric Drexler
Event Information
In the first sessions, attendees will learn cursive writing by machine, basic free-motion, straight stitching techniques, free-motion quilting techniques with different thread types, fill in stitching techniques, and an introduction to thread-sketched portraits and pen and ink tangles. 
The second session teaches members basic raw-edge applique, layering techniques, machine-fed/free motion couching, and creating textured fabrics. 
Interested in registering for the event? Contact:
Lee Ann Jones
Sulky of America
800-874-4115 ext. 176

Accepted Payments