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Water Soluble Stabilizers
  • Q: What are Solvy and Super Solvy Stabilizers?

  • A: They are water soluble, temporary stabilizers or transfer agents that are made of a polyvinyl alcohol film so they dissolve in water like magic! Super Solvy is twice as thick, heavy and strong as the original Sulky Solvy. Both are non-toxic and resistant to organic materials such as fats, oils, etc. They will dissolve in water with a temperature of anywhere from 32 to 200 degrees F. To make either type thicker and firmer, two or more layers can be fused together by applying a warm, dry iron for several seconds.

  • Q: When would I use Solvy and/or Super Solvy Stabilizers?

  • A: Both types are perfect as a topper on napped fabrics like towels to keep the loops or piles from poking through stitching, to prevent stitches from getting lost in the fabric, and to enhance the clarity of fine lettering and detail stitching.

  • Q: How can I make Liquid Solvy?

  • A: Dissolve one yard of Solvy (36 x 20 inches) or 1/2 yard of Super Solvy (18 x 20 inches) in 8 oz. of water. Brush liquid Solvy onto flimsy or sheer fabrics that are to be stitched. Do not use it on non-washable fabrics like velvet or silk.

  • Q: Where would I use Solvy or Super Solvy Stabilizers?

  • A: Use it anywhere that dissolving the stabilizer would be preferable to tearing, cutting or heating it away. Both are widely used in the following techniques: Quilting, embroidery, lace work, buttonholes, thread sketching, as a time-saving substitute for paper in foundation piecing, edgework, charted needlework design patterns, intricate embroidery designs on knitwear, cut-work, monogramming, machine spun lace (needlelace), 3-D applique, shadow work, heirloom serging and sewing, battenburg lace, smocking, lightweight and sheer fabrics, toweling, hand-turned applique, serger lace, and more.

  • Q: Why would I use Solvy or Super Solvy instead of another kind of Sulky Stabilizer?

  • A: Both Solvys allow you to stitch with a delicate straight stitch or on delicate fabrics without concern that the stitching will be pulled out or distorted when the stabilizer is removed. They leave no "fuzzy" white edges when removed. You can iron layers together for heavier treatments. They add no bulk to designs. You can make a liquid stabilizer from scraps left over from other projects. No waste! You can also write, draw, trace or transfer onto them with either a permanent-ink marker, Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pen, or a water soluble marker.

  • Q: How would I use and store Solvy or Super Solvy Stabilizers?

  • A: Either can be used in a hoop by itself, above the fabric as a topper, under the fabric as a stabilizer, or ironed together in layers to stand alone. Trace, draw or transfer a design onto Solvy, then spray Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive onto the fabric, and hand press Solvy to the fabric for a pattern to follow when quilting or thread sketching. Store unused portions in a sealed zip-lock bag. Store unused liquid Solvy in a sealed, marked jar in the refrigerator.

  • Q: Is there any special handling when combining Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive (which is NOT water soluble) and Sulky Solvy or Super Solvy?

  • A: Yes, there are several important recommendations about this in the Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive section. Be sure to read this for best results.

  • Q: How does Paper Solvy differ from the other Solvy products?

  • A: Paper Solvy has a wood pulp component which makes it look, feel and behave like paper, but it still dissolves in water.

  • Q: Where and when would I use Paper Solvy?

  • A: Paper Solvy is the perfect medium for printing multiple copies of any pattern, and is a particular favorite for foundation piecing. We recommend using it as a bottom stabilizer in most cases.

  • Q: So I can use Paper Solvy in a printer or copy machine?

  • A: Yes, in a ink-jet printer or bubble-jet printer. Laser printers get too hot.

  • Q: Does Paper Solvy dissolve as easily then, if it has wood pulp in it?

  • A: Paper Solvy generally dissolves very quickly in warm water. HOWEVER, because there is a wood pulp component, it is very important to THOROUGHLY rinse the item until there is no slippery residue of the Paper Solvy remaining. Otherwise, if there is some remaining product it will likely be the wood pulp and will be next to impossible to remove once dry.

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