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"Fun With Sulky® Blendables and Solid Color Cotton Threads" (#900-B21)

By Joyce Drexler

Once again, Joyce has compiled the most amazing array of projects for her latest book. Many well known designers have again contributed some truly beautiful projects to this book. With the focus on Sulky Cotton Blendables and Sulky Solid Color Cottons which are exclusively sold to independent stores, this 104-page, full-color book is jam-packed full of ideas and techniques that will excite and motivate you. AND… now there are a total of 126 magnificent Blendables in both 12 wt. and 30 wt.!

Here are some of the amazing projects in this new book which are virtually all done with Blendables and Solid Color Cottons, along with a few other Sulky Threads for accents:

  • Pumpkin Market Tote by Carol Ingram - featuring Paper Piecing on Paper Solvy, 3-D Padded Leaves, and many other fun techniques.
  • Sashiko Square by Rebecca Kemp Brent - featuring Sashiko by machine using Sulky 12 wt. Cottons.

  • Team Quilt by Bev Morris of Abigayle's Quiltery in Olmsted Falls, OH.

    This is her favorite fund-raising quilt which is perfect for all those "teams" and charity events in everyone's life! You will love her personalizing techniques and beautiful quilting with Sulky 30 wt. Cotton Blendables.

  • The Perfect Cover Up by Eric Drexler, National Sulky Educator - an easy and fun vase cover that stretches and fits over a bud vase. Another wonderful, fearless way to teach free-motion. Eric always makes it "sew easy".

  • And then, to really knock your socks off, Sulky Designer, Evelyn Byler has made the most magnificent shawl on her long-arm machine. Evelyn has done some amazing thread work over the years, but this is by far the most beautiful. It can be done on a home sewing machine too (just not as quickly), but oh, my…it is luscious! You will fall in love with Blendables all over again!
  • And wait! Still another incredible project from Evelyn! A wonderful variety of 3-D leaves totally made with Blendables and other Sulky Threads in an array of colors and sizes, mounted on a cabinet door (really!), with cup hooks added underneath to make the most beautiful key holder you will ever see.

  • Jim Suzio, a Designer well-known to many of you - has designed a REVERSIBLE purse or clutch made from lots and lots of Blendables Thread. It can be done free-motion or you can purchase his digitized design for an in-the-hoop, computer embroidery project.

  • Nancy Sapin, National Educator for Sulky, and famous for her corded projects (check out the info on the Tissue Box Birdhouse below under the "Art" section), has designed a really durable and beautiful Shoulder Bag that uses her special corded technique and gorgeous batik fabrics. Featuring the Blendables and Sulky Fuse 'n Stitch, this is the next step in corded projects.


  • Ellen Osten, Director of Education for Sulky, designed a clever, woven Serger Cosmetic Bag or Change Purse using Sulky Cut-Away Plus and her serger, and lots and lots of Sulky Blendables and Solid Color Cottons.

  • Joan Friedrich, Author and Babylock Educator, dazzles us with her Sulky Blendables Doily made with Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Threads on the Serger! This is the perfect project to dazzle your friends with the simplicity and beauty of serger stitching.

  • Designer Pam Laba created a beautiful, unusual reversible belt that you will love showing off to your friends. This one is fast, fun and easy!

  • June Garris created the perfect hostess gift with a set of coasters and a matching carry basket. Using the rolled hem on her serger made this corded project totally unique.

  • Eric Drexler then took it even further and made a serged rolled hem to on fabric strips which he wrapped to make corded placemats and bowls that had a unique spiral effect and a wonderful twisted top.

  • Carol Ingram added one more trick to her designer arsenal by turning miles of Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Blendables into a continuous serger chain which she KNITTED into a scarf using a simple drop-stitch pattern. (No reason why you couldn't crochet with this as well.)

  • Sulky National Educator and Bernina Fashion Show Designer, Diane Gloystein, created the most elegant and easy scarf ever! This fabulous scarf, created on Sulky Ultra Solvy using beautiful hand-dyed rayon ribbon, will make you forget everything you thought you knew about making scarves on the sewing machine. The technique is "sew simple", but the end result is just magnificent.

  • Designer and National Sulky Educator, Lee Fletcher, shares a simple, but unique, Decoratively Stitched Bag that showcases the beautiful decorative stitches on your sewing machines and how they "pop" using the Sulky Cotton Blendables. Everyone is always looking for tasteful results using decorative stitches, and this project fills the bill wonderfully!


  • Pine Scrub at Cathedral Rock by fiber artist Chris Eichner, will take your breath away. If you like landscapes, this one is "to die for"! Chris makes it easy and fun using Sulky Super Solvy, NEW Soft 'n Sheer Extra, and Fabri-Solvy along with at least 7 Blendables and numerous 40 wt. Rayons, Holoshimmer and more. WOW! The fabrics are so pretty, and the threadwork is so very dimensional.

  • Artist and Designer, Linda Visnaw, created a wonderful Tsukineko Ink placemat and napkin project that is simple and elegant; but wait until you see how it comes alive when it is free-motion embroidered with Sulky Blendables. This one is for your artsy people; and even for those who think they aren't, this is such a fun project. Linda taught this at the seminar training event for our National Educators, and all of us caught the fever! Extensive "painting" instructions are on the CD and video links, too!

  • Nancy Sapin, National Educator for Sulky, and "Cording Queen", has outdone herself once again with an adorable home-dec project. Joyce Drexler dreamed this up, and Nancy made it a reality. These Tissue Box Birdhouses are so much fun, and we couldn't resist making it into a "challenge" for all of the National Sulky Educators. Wait until you see their creative versions of this pretty project - all pictured in the new book!

    And then, Nancy went on to create "Specialty Boxes" for a Toilet Tissue Holder and "Whatever" Box, which are bonus projects on the CD. You continue to love these corded projects, and Nancy keeps "kicking it up a notch" with each book.


  • Patti Lee, VP of Consumer Relations for Sulky, used the Blendables and a hand sewing needle to create a lovely Post-It-Note® Holder on card stock. Quite therapeutic!

  • Maxine Ramey, owner of a wonderful quilt shop in Franklin, NC, designed a beautiful needlecase that is done with Sulky 12 wt. Blendables. The Blendables are quickly taking over "floss" for handwork. It is lovely, and there is with some machine assembly of the case.
  • Sue Hausmann, host of the long-running PBS-TV Show, "America Sews with Sue Hausmann", created a number of beautiful twisted necklaces using either the Spinster Tool or the bobbin winder on your sewing machine. This is a delightful project for young and old!

  • Amber Drexler, daughter of Eric, and granddaughter of Fred and Joyce, contributed her very popular braided Uni-Sex Friendship Bracelets. The young people in your life will love these!

  • Terry Stenger shows off her version of the "Charity Bracelets" that she uses as a fundraiser for her children's schools.

  • Designer Connie Kauffman created an adorable set of Punch Needle Mitten Coasters with Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Blendables. Punch Needle is a lot more fun using the Sulky Blendables.

    Needless to say, the projects overflowed the book onto the CD, but how wonderful to have this option now! There are at least 7 of these projects featured on the CD in the back of the book, along with a gallery of photographs showing ideas and projects on how to use the Sulky 12 wt. and 30 wt. Solid Color Cottons and Blendables in your sewing designs.

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